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    Default Question regarding forum rules.

    Dear forum administrators,

    I posted something earlier today in regards to some personal matters and seeking some advice. I posted in the Dye A Ry section, which I assumed would be fine since it’s a “diary” section and it would be fine to make a post asking for personal advice and feedback, correct?

    Is there a specific rule to what types of post can be in the ‘Dye A Ry” section? Last time I checked, that section isn’t even on the main page and the material I posted weren’t against any forum rule that I know of. I simply created a post explaining the relationship situation that I am in and asking for some input on what decisions I should take. I did not use profanity. I did not ask if there are “single men/ladies available to chat.” I did not advertise.

    I had a life dilemma and I just needed some input from people whose opinion matters. I spend a bit of time to finally decide to submit the post and a bit of time writing it. Now, I can’t even find the post. I had a link to it but now the link shows the post is no longer there. I just want to know why the post was deleted and if it violated any rules. I don’t want any trouble; I just wanted some advice from a Vietnamese community.

    Here is the link to the post but I doubt you can see the content since it was mysteriously deleted:

    Warm regards,

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    Hello Randomness,

    I deleted your previous post.

    I believe it is best for you to post such questions and issues on websites that are specialized in relationship instead of learning environment. In addition, we do not wish to expose our underage members to the detailed and personal issues about unwedded people living together. It is not that we agree or disagree with such circumstances - we are not in the position of deciding what is good or bad for people in general. However, the room has missions and objectives, and your story, though written in good English, does not fit.

    Should you be curious about our missions and objectives, please follow this link:

    If you had questions such as how to improve skills in English listening, reading, writing, or comprehension, we would surely welcome your participation.



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    Bear Lac Loi,

    I did not, in any attempt, try to expose anyone in regards to "unwedded people living together." I merely stated a 3-word sentence so the readers can have a better understanding of the situation. Different situation requires different actions depending on age and circumstances, don’t you agree? I did not even elaborate on the issue regarding “unwedded people living together.” You read my post. You should know that it wasn’t even the topic I was seeking out. That had nothing to do with what my question was about and what advice I was asking for. Hence, I only stated a 3-word sentence in regards to “unwedded people living together” and I stopped at that. The rest of my post had no relation to that issue.

    I understand the forum has missions and objectives. But the forum I posted in was clearly a “goc giai tri” meaning it was an entertainment center. All the songs posted in that section, all the miscellaneous contents that have been posted in that section, do all of them meet the “missions and objectives” that ESE holds? Clearly, no. Isn’t that why it was taken away from the main page in the first place? Isn’t that why it is very difficult to navigate to those sections now? Isn’t that why we simply call it an “entertainment center?”

    Had I posted in one of the main English forums, then I could understand why my post was deleted.

    Forgive me, but there were specific people I wanted some opinions from and I thought I could get some advice from those people. Again, I had no intension of exposing anyone of anything. If I need advice over the internet, yes, I can post to those relationship-advice forums all over the internet. But you know what, I don’t trust just any stranger’s judgment… hence, why I posted here in the first place. Regretfully, your opinion was one of the few that I thought mattered. Forgive me for bringing my personal life to it.

    Warm Regards,

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    Hello Randomness,

    I am sorry to have disappointed you. You are welcome to search for the answers to your personal issue through private-messaging to the specific members.

    Regarding the room’s rules, they are quite objective. We rely mostly on the judgment of individual admins. Sometimes, an admin’s decision to delete a message may not be agreeable to everyone, which includes other admins. However, we all, based on the best of our limited knowledge to interpret the message, try to maintain a healthy website for our members. People make mistakes, and we are not an exception.

    My decision to delete your post might have not been perfect, but that was my belief as the right thing to do at the time. Should you feel that it was unjust, please private-message a copy to our super admins or the owners of the ESE room. I have no objection should they decide to reinstate your message.

    Please accept my apology for my action might have hurt your feeling. I hope you realize that it was not personal.

    Nonetheless, with your perfect writing in English, I would like to invite you to join us, sharing your English experience with our members, both here and on Paltalk. I might have stepped on the wrong foot, but I still hope to know more about you and your English.

    Thank you for your understanding.


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    You have not disappointed me nor hurt my feelings so an apology is not necessary. Thank you for your prompt responses and for recognizing that your decision might not have been a perfect one. I am sure neither of us had bad intentions so let us agree to disagree. As for private-messaging a copy to other super administrators, I am afraid that isn’t possible for the only copy I had, had already been deleted.

    Thank you for your kind words. My English is no where near perfection and I am afraid my “E”nglish “E”xperiences are not worthy of “S”haring.

    Warm regards,

    A lurker.

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