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May 16, 2009, 10:31 PM
Flyer 1 PDF (http://www.eseonline.net/staff/Jenna/Flyer1.pdf)
Flyer 2 PDF (http://www.eseonline.net/staff/Jenna/Flyer1.pdf)



Brochure PDF (http://www.eseonline.net/staff/Jenna/Brochure.pdf)


May 17, 2010, 11:48 AM
Hello Everyone,

This was the flier and brochure for last year's scholarship. Hcvct has asked me to create a post to get ideas and suggestions on revising the two documents. Please take the time to review the design and information if there is anything you think needs to be add or delete, you can simply reply to this thread. We encourage everyone to leave your comment on how to improve/revise the flier and brochure.

Thank you!

May 17, 2010, 01:53 PM
Nhận xét về mẫu năm ngoái và mong muốn mẫu năm nay của em như sau:
-Màu mè quá để trên screen đọc thì được chứ in ra thì tốn kém không cần thiết
-Điều kiện cần và đủ làm em không biết cuối cùng điều kiện nào quyết định điều kiện nào theo em nên gộp 2 cái thành 1 là điều kiện dự tuyển hoặc tiêu chuẩn ứng viên.
-Hình thức trao học bổng không giống với thực tế, mình trao trực tiếp.
-Hạn chót nhận đơn nên làm cho nổi bật hơn một chút và có thể thêm ghi chú một số giấy tờ có thể bổ xung sau.
-Học bổng mình nhận hồ sơ online nhưng có cần chuyển hồ sơ gốc về cho thầy Bam ở VN không?
-Chỉ nên gói gọn trong 2 trang thôi.

Kiểu mẫu mong muốn:

May 19, 2010, 05:56 AM
Do we have pictures from last year to incorporate that into the flyer?


May 19, 2010, 09:36 AM
Do we have pictures from last year to incorporate that into the flyer?


Yes we do M. We have to squeeze in the flier.

Handsome Bear
May 19, 2010, 09:44 PM
I’m hesitating when voicing an opposite opinion. It sounds negative, and it sometimes could be considered as unproductive. It could stop the train on its tracks; it could put out the fire in enthusiasm; or it could discourage the engrossment. However, truth be told, I have my doubt about passing out the flyers.

I left VN a long time ago, so what I’m thinking may be out-of-date. However, when I was there, standing in front of school and passing out flyers would guarantee special interest from Công An, faculties, Đoàn Viên, Hội Viên, local officials from Phường, Khóm, or just a concerned citizen.

In addition, when seeing a person passing out flyers, most people would automatically think that the person has something to sell. Thus, there is a good chance that those who are willing to take the flyers may not be the intended targets of our scholarship program.

Worse, even after reading the flyers, our peddling action may be misunderstood that there must be a catch when applying for the scholarship, especially when the information required in the application is quite personal.

With those negative thoughts, I’d rather focus in other directions. I believe that the approaches that we are taking are sufficient:

I was excited to hear that Fannvi is going to talk about ESE on radio. I’m sure she would find a spot to mention ESE Scholarship as well. I’m curious to see what she is going to read about ESE and the scholarship. However, I don’t think the timing would allow us to review the content beforehand since she is scheduled to talk within a day or so.

As Jenna mentioned in Lớp học không biên giới, Mr. Hữu is going to work with Báo Thanh Niên to write about the Scholarship. This will take the least effort for a very effective result.

In addition, Cô Điệu Nhạc is working with Bathim7 and other ops in Vietnam to introduce ESE Scholarship to school’s officials and to post the announcement on student forums. Since the target for this effort is students, this hits it at the right spot.

If needed, we would also put the announcement on newspaper later in the campaign.

With these approaches, my only worry now is that the panel will have to work days and nights to review the applications.

Therefore, I highly recommend holding off on the passing out the flyers.

May 19, 2010, 10:31 PM
Không phải vậy thầy HS cái của em nói là thông báo mình sẽ dán ở bản tin các trường Đại Học. Để các sinh viên khi đọc thông tin, xem điểm sẽ có thể đọc và biết đến học bổng chúng ta chứ không phải là tờ rơi quảng cáo. Cá nhân thì em thấy đó là cách hiệu quả lần tới trong đơn xin học bổng mình làm thêm một cái phần bạn biết đến học bổng ESE từ đâu và các phương tiên khác các bạn nghĩ hiệu quả để mọi người biết đến học bổng ESE :P

May 19, 2010, 11:06 PM
HB, I have spoke to HC last night about holding off on the flier and brochure printing because we will be feature on the newspaper, radio, and knowing Dieunhac and BaThim7 will contact the school. However, we should revise the flier and brochure in case we need it down the line, so when we do need it, we do not have to waste time working on them.

Handsome Bear
May 20, 2010, 01:13 AM
Jen, I've no problem with us wanting to create a flyer. I'm just concerned about handing it out, now or in the future.

Unless my concerns were proven invalid, we should discourage our ops from handing out the flyers. And if we are not going to hand out the flyers, what is the purpose of having one? Have we done much with and seen any results from having the flyers last year?

Tieumieu suggested posting the announcement at schools. That is a good idea, provided that the schools allow it. I believe that is what DieuNhac and few ops in VN are working on. Other ops are encouraged to pursue the idea and act upon as well. And Tieumieu, yes, I prefer one that is similar to the example you posted. I prefer the professional look to the fancy look. We are not begging students to apply. We only provide them the opportunity to apply; thus, no fancy, eye-catching formats are needed.