Meeting Recap:

- The semi-final list of 60 candidates has been compiled, mostly consists of students in Hà Nội, Hải Phòng, Huế, Cần Thơ, Đà Nẵng, và Sài Gòn.

- This list of 60 candidates will be divided geographically into 3 groups. This effort will be of cô DieuNhac and anh HandsomeBear.

- Group 1 includes Hà Nội và Hải Phòng. Group coordinators will be cô 8TieuMieu8 và cô Hoaisnv.

- Group 2 includes Huế và Đà Nẵng. Group coordinator will be cô NgocDiem and assisted by cô Hoaisnv.

- Group 3 includes Cần Thơ và Sài Gòn. Group coordinators will be cô BaThim7 và anh BamBiNo.

- All 3 groups will have until March 5th, 2011 to verify everyone in those groups. All ESE staff in VietNam are encouraged to participate.

- All progress will be reported to anh VienXu to be posted in ESE Scholarship private room. Communication is critical in this phase of the project.

- Formal online interviews will be on March 12 and March 13 2011. There will be 4 group interviews with 2 on each day at 10AM and 1PM VietNam time. Anh LuaViet will conduct all interviews.

- Group coordinators will be finding suitable settings for the interviews including computers equipped with Paltalk, skype, and video chat enable.

- Cô BaThim7 will assist anh BamBiNo in managing ESE Scholarship fund and eventually assume the role of treasurer in VietNam. Cô TuAn will remain to be the ESE treasurer in the US.

- In the next week, HcVcT will be sending all paypal fund of $7099.34 to cô TuAn who will forward all fund in the US to VietNam.

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