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Thread: Student of the month....?

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    Default Student of the month....?

    Ami Cha'n o*i. Given the updating status on this forum, I would have thought that we should called this event the student of the month.

    Just teasing ya. Please do whatever you can to prevent emlinh from attending you this session. We'll have to send military police in to interfere with her if we have to. (Just kidding.)

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    ahhhhh "ami cha'n"???? ddo?i nick roi van co`n goi la "cha'n"

    good idea ddo eggy. We might as well have student of the month. This is going to be more exciting isn't it? Ami bet more people want to be Student of the Month!! Great, Ami will do this too. Thanks for suggestion Tru'ng Ghi`

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    Ne^'u va^.y em co' the^? go.i co^ la` "co^ ami ra'n (fried)" ddu*o*.c kho^ng a. ? Co^ tho^ng ca?m nha...ta.i Tie^'ng Vie^.t kho^ng co' a^m J.

    Da., em ti'nh cho.c co^ cho*i ngo*` co^ hie^`n qua' ne^n nghi~ to^'t cho em. Em ca'm o*n co^ nhie^`u la('m. :roll: