The Promise
© By Anonymous

My promise to you is to be there for you.
Thru the pain and the sorrow thru every tomorrow.
To lend a shoulder to lean on when your feeling blue.
To have an open ear to listen to you.
When I hear your cries, I promise to advice and never criticize.

Your never to feel alone when your weathering a storm.
I will be the light that you see thru the clouds,
no matter how dark your surroundings are, know that I am there
thru the mist and the rain lending a helping hand to help ease the pain.

You never need to feel alone.
No matter how near or far we are, know that I am here as your shining star.
When you look up at the sky at night know that I am thinking of you even
though your not in sight, my heart is with you.
I will cheer you on and be proud when life take a turn and is better for you.
There are many tomorrows in your life you see,
don't ever give up because you have me.

You have someone here who loves you and cares
and will never give up on you even on a dare.
I'm here for the long run be good or bad your part of my life now with pages to fill with memories and friendship until the earth stands still.
So this is my promise to you.
Remember it always for I am right here.
Think of me often and find comfort in knowing I care...

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