You are everything to me
Because you not only complete the person I am
But help me to be the person I want to be
Your love has set me free

I love to see your face in the morning
Your ready smile, even if I have to make you smile sometimes
Your eyes shine as bright as your smile
And then you give me that look, that melts me, without warning

I should kiss you more
I love the way your lips feel pressed against mine
So sweet, so loving and other times so passionate
You are the one I adore

Free of all pains of the past
Some may say, it will never last
What do they know, they don’t really know you
Not the you that I do

I don’t tell you enough how much you amaze me
You are never too tired to talk
Never too busy to care when I need you
I want you to see the amazing you that I see

I know sometimes we disagree
And things don’t go as we hope for a day
But at night before we fall asleep
You let me know, the only one you love is me
You always make me feel loved

You make me feel safe and warm
Removed from all danger and harm
There is so much that I
Often forget to tell you
But today I want you to know
I love you so much
Mere words mean so little
When I think of my love for all you are and do
I just want to cry

Because I know I forget to tell you
You are my all and my everything
And no matter what today or tomorrow may bring
As long as you are there, beside me during it all
I know that you will never, let me fall

So please remember these things
As I am sure there will be times
That the things that I truly fell
Will slip from my mind

So on days that I forget
To tell you how amazing you are
Remember these words
My lips may forget but my heart never will
I loved you then and I love you still

I am sorry that sometimes…I forget

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