This is a recap for the meeting on 3/28/09 with our operators/instructors in VietNam for the ESE Scholarship.

Our first ESE Scholarship was a success; however, not without issues. We are looking back at our past issues to improve on our shortcomings. Some of the identified issues were communication to our ESE staff, the level of understandings of the scholarship program of our ESE staff, and the involvement of our ESE staff in the progress.

Recognizing our operators/instructors in VietNam are the true faces whom represent ESE to the recipients of the ESE Scholarship, we asked to gather them to review the details of the ESE Scholarship program.

Summarization the criteria and the requirements of the ESE Scholarship are as follows:
* Two scholarship of $500 USD each are available.

- Minimum Grade Point Average of 6.5.
- Having financial needs in furthering education.
* Knowledge/Expertise of English is NOT a criteria.

- Completely filled out application, verified by the current school.
- A copy of the current Grades report.
- An essay of given topics.
- A letter of recommendation from a school faculty.
All is to be scanned and emailed to

Resolutions suggested and in progress:
- BamBiNo will create a bank account in VietNam to accept donations within VietNam. Happy_family_4ever will co-sign the account. BamBiNo will also be writing a post for detailed instructions on how to donate for donors in VietNam.
- ThanksForTeachingMe will be in contact with Hoaisnv, huhu_and_hihi, Little_Toad, Happy, and Saura to write articles about ESE and the ESE Scholarship program to be sent to newspapers/magazines in VietNam. This effort is to reach potential students.
- Picotee will be on stand-by to create PayPal account in VietNam to accept donations if necessary.
- A flyer will be in the work to be posted at colleges/universities in VietNam.
- All progresses connected with the ESE Scholarship program will be posted in this forum for reviews and feedbacks.

Realizing that July 18 of 2009 being the deadline of accepting application, we have lots of work to do. With less than 4 months, we need to be aggressive on our plannings and executions in making this scholarship better than the last. This meeting was to communicate the details of the ESE Scholarship program to our ESE staff in VietNam. This will enable our staff to answer any questions from the chatters. The involvement of our ESE staff is crucial to the success of the ESE Scholarship program.
A plan for a meeting to gather operators/instructors elsewhere is in the work. This effort is to promote the ESE Scholarship program with a purpose of raising fund for the current and future ESE scholarships.

We thank you for your attention, involvement, and enthusiasm in the ESE Scholarship program. We believe in reaching our and helping our beloved friends who are in need. We need YOUR help in serving our common goal.

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