We have had several meetings regarding our ESE Scholarship since the last posted recatipulation. The meeting minutes were not posted due to the main process being verifying information of applicants. We apologize that this process took longer than anticipated, partly due to the fact that we had to dance around all the consecutive holidays. We're back and excited. We're here and ready. We're moving forward.

This Saturday Feb 21st, 2009 at 6:00 PM Cali time / 8:00 PM Central time / 9:00 PM EST time / (Sunday 22/2/09) 9:00 AM VietNam time ... We have invited a candidate for ESE Scholarship to our ESE room for an interview.

The interview is designed for us to learn more of the candidate and vice versa. Please join us. We will start promptly at the above mentioned time.

Best Regards,

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