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Thread: Idioms from food

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    Default Idioms from food

    The used car I bought for three hundred dollars was a lemon. My friends said I was nuts to believe the baloney the seller gave. The seller said that the car was like new, with only ten thousand miles on it. She called it reliable transportation at a very low price. She said she was really selling it for peanuts.
    Starting the engine of the car was a piece of cake. I just turned the key – no problem. However, soon I was in a pickle: the brakes didn’t work! The owner of the Cadillac I hit went bananas when he saw the damage to the front of his car. He started shouting at me and wouldn’t stop. Now I have to pay him two thousand dollars to repair his car. But my friend Nina was a peach. She took my car to the garbage dump so that I didn’t have to see it again.

    Example of idioms

    The apple of one’s eye:
    The baby is the apple of her grandfather’s eye. He thinks that she’s always wonderful.

    His speech about the importance of helping the poor is baloney. He wouldn’t even give his best friend a dime.

    To cream someone:
    Our basketball team really creamed its opponent. Our team won by a score of 120 to 60.

    On our return home, we found the front door open, and we suspected that something fishy was going on.

    To go bananas:
    She went bananas when she heard she won first prize in the talent contest.

    In a pickle:
    Bill was in a pickle. After filling his car with gas, he couldn’t find the money to pay.

    A lemon:
    The new tape player I bought was a lemon, and I’m going to take it back to the store for a new one.

    Tony must be nuts to pay over a hundred dollars for a shirt.

    A peach:
    When I was sick last week, Susan visited me and bought groceries for me. She’s a peach.

    Rose buys used clothes at second-hand stores, and she gets nice-looking clothes for peanuts.

    A piece of cake:
    The math test was a piece of cake for Erik. He is very good at doing math problems.


    1. __________ in trouble

    2. __________ something that is very easy to do

    3. __________ something that does not work, usually an electrical appliance or mechanical item

    4. __________ to totally beat someone in a game

    5. __________ a very small amount of money

    6. __________ nonsense

    7. __________ suspicious, not right and honest

    8. __________ to go crazy

    9. __________ very crazy very upset

    10. __________ a very nice person

    11. __________ someone’s favourite person

    Exercise 1.
    Answer each question with YES or NO. Explain your answer.

    1. When the president gave Lou her award, they shook hands, and the audience applaud politely.

    2. Germany beat Poland 10 to 1 in the soccer championship. Did Germany’s team cream Poland’s team?

    3. Someone on the street offered to sell me a gold watch for five dollars. Was something fishy happening?

    4. When dad was making breakfast, the bacon caught on fire. Was making breakfast a piece of cake for him?

    5. My car has only three thousand miles on it and already been to the garage five times for repairs. Is it a lemon?

    6. The salesperson told me he could give a big discount, just for me. Was he probably talking baloney?

    7. John has a good job and today he won a million dollars in the lottery. Is he in a pickle?

    8. John just gave a million dollars to a stranger. Will people say that he’s nuts?

    9. Maria went to a fancy store and paid full price for her furniture. Did she buy the furniture for peanuts?

    10. Bob Kent thinks his daughter is the best. Is she the apple of his eye?

    11. Karen promised to spend Saturday helping me cook the food for the party. Is Karen a peach?

    Exercise 2
    Each example has correct idiom, but there is one error with each idiom. Find the error and correct it.

    1. Using the computer was so easy, it was piece of cake.

    2. Something fish must be happening. We’re the only ones here, but I’m hearing strange noises.

    3. That man doesn’t know anything, but he talks as if he knows everything. Everything he says is the baloney.

    4. My new TV is lemon. It has a very bad picture.

    5. Millie was in the pickle when the police officer stopped her for speeding.

    6. The dog went nut when its owner came home.

    7. In the soccer tournament, our team crammed its component 8 to 1.

    8. The team went banana when it won the championship.

    9. Norma is very nice. She is the peach.

    10. Jason bought a used stereo for a peanut, and it sounds really good.

    11. I’m the apple of my grandmother’s eyes.


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