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Thread: Got Grammar???

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    "I can't seem to be focused." It should be, "I can't seem to focus" or "I can't seem to stay focused." Nghia la, ta.p chung khong duoc. When we use "can't seem to + verb," the verb should be in the present tense. As in: I can't seem to eat, I can't seem to sleep, I can't seem to meditate..." If you want to use "to be," you can say "I can't seem to be able to eat, I can't seem to be happy.

    "I should take a day off"
    is an indefinite article implies mot ngay nao do'. The is a definite article, as in nga`y nay.

    Correct sentence:
    I should take the day off. I can't seem to focus. My nose is clogged up and I can’t breathe. The doctor assured me that the nasal spray he prescribed would help with my congestion. It did not work.

    Overal, great job!

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    I like your sentences so much, sis Jeedy. Could you give more exercises? Hì : D.

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