Hello & Welcome!

Sure, Paltalk is practical and quite effective in shaping your pronunciation and articulation skills; however, it is also crucial to be able to convey your feelings in written formats. Possessing the ability to write and express in an eloquent manner is a necessity to your daily english needs. As a solution, ESE is offering a writing WORKSHOP where you can exercise your writing competency with short articles and writing responses (or even free writes - where you can express yourself freely without having to worry about grammatical errors).

How it works: (quite simple, indeed)
- A short article will be posted; along with questions that will evoke your thinking.
- Read the article then reply!

DONE! You are not obligated to respond to the questions. You can freely compose your own ideas as long as your writing relates to the article, iself. Please don't be afraid of learning from your mistakes. We encourage you to write freely, but in dept. We are all human beings. Practice makes perfect.

I am looking forward to your participation.

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