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Thread: Air travel and telecommunication

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    Topic: During the 20th century, contact between different parts of the world developed quickly/rapidly thanks to air travel and telecommunication.
    To what extent do you think societies benefited from the increased contact and closer relationship with foreigners brought about by international tourism and businesses.

    Since the first-time introduction of air travel and telecommunication, they have induced radical and massive change to the trend of globalization and internationalization. There is no doubt that the closer links between one nation and others are giving rise to widely-acknowledged benefits. However, I agree that there are several drawbacks.

    It is universally accepted that nations are coming closer to each other in comparison with our former generation on the subject of both cultural and social geography. Firstly, tourism industry which has been an important business in recent years is yielding yearly huge income, helping to boost the local economy. Additionally, closer relationships also open our minds and broaden our horizons. For example, cultural exchanges may lead us to an achievement of experience about the lives in geographically distant places, even remote and isolated zones. Owing to this, in fact, many deprived countries in Africa have been provided with foods and medicine in global aiding and caring programs.

    Apart from the advantages mentioned, however, several drawbacks can be addressed. A prime example is that the criminal rate using the means of telecommunication and air travel has been on the rise. Criminals are taking advantage of these ways to collude with each other to commit serious crimes such as trafficking of drugs and rhinoceros horns, etc. Another disadvantage is that epidemic diseases are likely to be spread universally. Take the recently-appearing disease as an example, Ebola, which has been a panic to anyone is sowing contamination risks. Hence, customs security has been increasingly tightened.

    In conclusion, despite the unfavorable situations above, I think benefits of closer relationship outweigh drawbacks because we are living in a human society, an advanced one, and therefore, multilateral relationships are unavoidable and indispensable.

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