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    Dear Lvenglish,

    after talking to you, I have tried to rewrite and describe how to play the game "killer" I have told to you before so carefully as possible. However I have had some difficulties in expressing my thoughts in English. Fortunately I was given a help by a friend from Shanghai where the game stems. He has handed in english version to me. I think this game will enable our ability to create, imagine or simply improve our language ( because the language we are learning must be spoken while the game is played)

    I hope not only Lvenglish but every member of ESE also to interest in it , play and share your spare time with your friends so funnily so happily.

    Rules of Killer Game

    1. A Judge ( is often "wild card" in red) and Players

    There are a judge and 8~16 players in this game. The players consist of Civilians ( are often mumbers from 2 to 10 in red), Killers ( are often kings in black) and Policemen ( are often Ace in Black).

    The number of Policemen and Killers depends on the total number of players.

    8~10 players: 2 Policemen and 2 Killers.

    11~14 players: 3 Policemen and 3 Killers.

    15~16 players: 4 Policemen and 4 Killers.

    2. Game Goal

    Policemen: find out Killers and lead Civilians to vote Killers out of the game.

    Killers: find the Policemen and kill them when it's getting dark.

    Civilians: help Policemen to vote Killers out of the game. Never ever help Killers on purpose in the game.

    3. How to play (1 Judge and 12 players)

    3.1 Any one of the joiners shuffles 12 cards (3 Killer cards + 3 Policeman cards + 6 Civilian cards) and asks each of the players to take one card. Every player looks at his/her own card carefully and then places it face down on the table to make sure nobody else seeing what card you get.

    who that takes "judge card" will state in order that the others know and the judge will lead the game.

    3.2 Judge says, "It's getting dark. Close all your eyes." All players close their eyes.

    3.3 After making sure all players closing their eyes, Judge says, "Killers open your eyes."

    3.4 The 3 players who get Killer cards open their eyes and get to know each other silently.

    3.5 After knowing of their partners, Killers choose one player they want to kill and let Judge know with a gesture silently.

    3.6 Judge confirms the player to be killed with Killers and then says, "Killers close your eyes." Killers close their eyes.

    3.7 After making sure all Killers closing their eyes, Judge says, "Policemen open your eyes." Policemen open their eyes.

    3.8 The 3 players who get Policeman cards open their eyes and get to know each other silently.

    3.9 After knowing of their partners, Policemen point out one suspect and let Judge know with a gesture silently. Judge confirms the suspect with Policemen and let them know whether the suspect is Killer or not with a gesture silently as well.

    3.10 After making sure Policemen knowing of the identity of the suspect they pointed out, Judge says, "Policemen close your eyes." Policemen close their eyes.

    3.11 After making sure all Policemen closing their eyes, Judge says, "Day breaks. Everybody opens your eyes." All players open their eyes.

    3.12 Judge declaims the player who got killed. Then he asks this player to show his/her card to everyone and leave his/her last words if he/she is not a Killer.

    3.13 The non-Killer dead can suspect some players to be Killers and provides an explanation. After doing that, this player should keep silent until the game is over.

    3.14 Judge asks each of the living players to make his/her statement one by one from the right side of the dead anticlockwise. Every living player has only one chance to speak.

    3.15 After making statements, Judge votes each of the living players in as Killer one by one from the right side of the dead anticlockwise. Each player can vote only once or abstain.

    3.16 After having the vote, the player who was voted out shows his/her card to everyone. He/she can leave last words. The first round is over.

    3.17 Repeat the steps from 3.2 to 3.16 until one of the two parties(Killers and Policemen/Civilians) wins or they draw.

    4. Who win

    4.1 If all Killers are dead, then Policemen win.

    4.2 If all Policemen are dead, then Killers win.

    4.3 If all Civilians are dead, then. Killers win.

    4.4 If Policemen win, then Civilians win. If Policemen lose, then Civilians lose.

    Judge’s Words

    Each one takes one card. Please look at your own card carefully.

    It’ s getting dark. Close all your eyes, please. Attention: Bow/hang/lower your heads, lie back and take your hands away from the table (and keep your hands off the table).

    The killers open your eyes, please.

    The killers choose one object you want to kill. Action!

    The killers close your eyes, please.

    The policemen open your eyes, please.

    The policemen point out one suspect, please.

    Is it No.××? Please look at my gesture.

    The policemen determine other suspects /objects to be pushed out.

    The policemen close your eyes.

    Day breaks. Everybody opens your eyes, please.

    The first one to be killed was No.××.

    Please leave (get out) your last words.

    The one sitting on the right side of the dead speaks (makes your statement) first.

    Well, begin voting now.

    Those who suspect No.×× is a killer put up your hands, please.

    Policemen’s Words

    I declare seriously that I am a policeman.

    Civilians’ Words

    I’m a civilian.

    I suppose No.× to be a killer. I don’t know whether the policemen have already verified him. (So I hope policemen could verify him next time.)

    If the policemen have found out a killer, declare frankly and clearly, please, for fear that we civilians push someone out wrongly.

    Common Expressions

    Why (on earth) do you suspect me to be a killer?

    You wronged an innocent person. I was wronged.

    I think that he pretends to be a policeman.

    He isn’t a policeman. I formally declare that I’m a real policeman (indeed).

    The civilians: You may abstain from voting, if you are not sure.

    If you have some games you think they are good for us, please post them here for other members to have chance to enjoy them with you. Thank you all.

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    Oh goshhhh, interestinggggggggg

    hahaha, I let my friends read the game rules today, they love it and we will play tonight, thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    cicadas ~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    awesome, very creative game ~^^