Time: Saturday at 9-11:30 pm PCT-US; Sunday at 11 AM-1:30 PM VN

Skype: Dailynews-
Email: dailynews.ese@gmail.com
Facebook: dailynews.ese

Course Objective
The primary objectives of the class are:
1. Improve reading comprehension
2. Practicing speaking skills through discussion
3. Emphasize aspects of listening skill and discussion through video learning
4. Helping students obtain an introductory level of formal speaking and presentation skills in a short Webinar series presented by students

1. Please add Dailynews- to your Skype before class
2. Please speak English as much as possible
3. Please be respectful of everyone regardless of their level of English skills
3. Please help each other and foster collaboration through your learning process

Tentative Lesson Schedule by Date (VN)
1. August 18: A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift (Essay)
2. August 25: Time Management by Randy Pausch (Lecture)
3. September 1: A lesson on commonly used expressions in starting conversations, expressing rejection, agreement, and etc. (Practical)
4. September 8: Tips for a good presentation (Practical)

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