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    Miss Lucy is a dog that lives in our neighborhood. She is

    always getting into trouble.

    Yesterday, she dug under the fence that goes around her

    back yard. She dug and dug. She crawled out through

    the hole she had made. She came over to our house.

    Miss Lucy likes to dig a lot. I think she wants to be a

    gardener. One day last summer, I was visiting Miss

    Lucy’s owners. Mrs. Smith had planted some flowers in a

    big pot that morning. We looked at the big flowerpot.

    Someone had taken out all the flowers! There was a dog

    biscuit sticking up in the dirt. I guess Miss Lucy thought it

    would be a good idea to plant a dog biscuit instead of


    Now Miss Lucy seemed to think it would be a good idea

    to dig in our flowerpots. I told Miss Lucy I didn’t want any

    of her funny help. I put her in the basket on my bike and

    took her for a ride back to her house. The Smiths were

    very happy to see her. They like Miss Lucy very much,

    even though she makes a lot of messes and does a lot of

    silly things.

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    1. Which of the following describes Miss Lucy BEST?

    a. Miss Lucy is a large dog with big ears.

    b. Miss Lucy is a neighborhood dog.

    c. Miss Lucy is mean to people she doesn’t know.

    d. Miss Lucy lives at my house.

    2. What is the purpose of this story?

    a. to inform

    b. to persuade

    c. to entertain

    d. none of these

    3. Which of the following is an OPINION?

    a. Miss Lucy digs up flowers.

    b. Miss Lucy rides in my bike basket.

    c. Miss Lucy is always getting into trouble.

    d. Miss Lucy wants to be a gardener.

    4. Which of the following is TRUE?

    a. Miss Lucy is a huge dog with long legs.

    b. Miss Lucy can dig out of her back yard.

    c. Miss Lucy is a boring dog.

    d. Miss Lucy tried to plant her dog collar.

    5. What can you INFER from the story?

    a. The Smiths are Miss Lucy’s owners.

    b. The narrator is Miss Lucy’s owner.

    c. Miss Lucy belongs to the neighborhood.

    d. None of the above.