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    Default Dieu Thuyen And Luu Bo.

    One of the greatest love stories that came out of the epical Tam Quoc Chi is the tale of Dieu Thuyen and Luu Bo. Luu Bo is the most redoubtable knight of his time. He has the strength of 10 men combined and can wield his spear like nobody's business. Dieu Thuyen is the most exquisitely beautiful lady of Tien Han's China.

    The year was 190, the location was China. The emperor passed and the young, naive, and hapless juvenile prince is crowned. But the real power is in the hands of Dong Trac, who is in charge of the military and the financial matters of the nation. Dong Trac is a brutal man notorious for committing atrocities against the commoners, spending the King's money as if it's his, firing the dissidents, and ordering the assassination of Queen Ha Thai Hau. He examplifies evil and is feared by most. Among the court officials is Vuong Tu Do, who concocts a plan to eliminate Dong Trac. The plan involves giving Dieu Thuyen, his stepdaughter, to Luu Bo. Then he would take her back and offer her to Dong Trac. In doing so, he hoped to break the powerful coalition between Dong Trac and Luu Bo. To carry out his plan, he first invited Luu Bo to his domicile and introduced him to Dieu Thuyen; it is love a first sight for Dieu Thuyen and Luu Bo who fall hopelessly for each other. But their happiness is only ephemeral as Vuong Tu Do now offers Dieu Thuyen To Dong Trac. Dong Trac is so utterly enamored with Dieu Thuyen that he refuses to let go of her, when informed that Thuyen and Bo are already in a relationship. A heart broken Bo went to talk with Tu Do about his decision to give Thuyen to Bo, but was convinced by Tu Do that he should kill Trac, because he's at the same time an enemy of the state and the person who took Bo's love interest. The tempestuous Bo readily goes along with Tu Do's plan: he assassinates his stepfather to win Thuyen back. From that point on, Thuyen and Bo become inseparable. On one fateful night where he refuses to leave her as she is too sick to travel, he got apprehended by traitors who turn him in to Tao Thao, another power player in Tam Quoc Chi. Bo gets executed even after promising he'll be loyal to Thao, if Thao spares his life.

    Besides being an engaging love story, Dieu Thuyen and Luu Bo is the quintessential theme that beauty ruins men (Sac Bat Ba Dao Di nich Nhan). It's also about sacrifice: Dieu Thuyen sacrifices herself to bring down Dong Trac. Luu Bo is a shallow character and yet a compelling lover who demolishes anybody who gets in the way between him and his partner. History would have taken a different course, had Bo not fallen for Thuyen and murdered Trac. The story of Dieu Thuyen and Luu Bo has entertained and will do so for generations to come.

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