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    Default ESE Scholarship Meeting Recap for March 31, 2012

    Meeting Recap:

    After the Verification process, the count of the finalists is now at 39.

    The live interview in our Paltalk room ESE is set for Saturday April 14th and Sunday April 15th, 2012 VietNam time.
    Live Interview schedule in VietNam time:
    Saturday April 14th, 2012 at 9AM: HaNoi (9 candidates) and DaNang (2 candidates).
    Sunday April 15th, 2012 at 8AM: SaiGon (24 candidates) and Hue (4 candidates).

    HaNoi will be taken care of by cô Hoài, cô pinkriver, and cô 8TieuMieu8
    Hue will be taken care of by cô Chaylonton121
    DaNang will be taken care of by thầy OldCat
    SaiGon will be taken care of by cô BaThim7, cô NgocDiem, cô Ginger_and_Honey, and thầy BamBiNo

    Thầy HandsomeBear will re-examine the questions to ask candidates prior to the live interview.

    Thầy HandsomeBear and cô DieuNhac will work with NhuPhu for announcing the live interview in ESE room using auto-greeter.

    Anh2Cafe will place a banner to announce the live interview in this forum.

    Thầy LuaViet will be the MC. All members of the ESE Scholarship panel are encouraged to take notes of the candidates during the live interview. There will be a meeting shortly after to determine the recipients of our ESE Scholarship.

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    haha. Chuẩn bị vác tù và tiếp.

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    Nhu phu vác tù và ở đâu thế? Sao tớ không biết.

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