As our ESE staff had completed the verification and the preliminary interview process to all finalists, our ESE Scholarship panel needs to meet to coordinate the live interview in our Paltalk room.
The meeting will be at 8pm Cali-time, 10pm Central time, 11pm EST on Friday evening March 30th, 2012; which is 10am on Saturday March 31st, 2012 in VietNam.

Tentatively, the live interview is set for the weekend of April 14-15.

Agenda for the meeting:
- The list of the finalists.
- The schedule for each region.
- Coordination and arrangement for the live interview for each region.
- The proceeding of the live interview.
- The interviewer(s) and the question(s) to ask.
- The automated announcing process.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that every ESE Scholarship panel members attend, specifically those in VietNam. Please reserve the time to attend this meeting. Please add to the agenda any issues that you see fit.
Please help spread the word of this meeting to all members of the ESE Scholarship Panel.
Would anh HandsomeBear please compile the complete list of the finalists by region prior to this meeting.

Best Regards,

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