Several different future forms are possible, but in general we most commonly use the present continuous to talk about an arrangement:
I’m taking my exam tomorrow!
We use will for instant reactions, predictions and promises:
That’s the doorbell! I’ll get it!
I’ll probably stay in tomorrow night. (I’ve got no arranged plans)
I’m playing squash tomorrow night. (I’ve already arranged it)
We use the present simple for future timetabled events.
The plane leaves at 8 am. (timetabled event)
I’m leaving the house at 5.30 am. (personal arrangement)
  • Correct the mistake below.
Tonight we’ll have a surprise party for Gemma’s birthday!

-> Tonight we are having a surprise party for Gemma's birthday!

  • Complete the sentences below using the correct form of the verbs.
  1. The conference (start) at 9 am, so we’ll have to set off early.
  2. It’s very gloomy weather; I think I (stay) indoors today.
  3. The only direct flight (leave) at 5 am, which means an early start.
  4. Sorry I’m late. I promise it (happen) again!
  5. ‘Have you heard from Luca recently?’ ‘He (get married) next month.’
  6. Gwen and Tom (go) to Mauritius for their honeymoon.
  7. There’s no hurry, the film (not/start) until 9 pm.
  8. I normally leave work early on Friday, but this Friday I (work) late

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