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    Default Cinderella's Alternate Endings

    For those who don't know the story of Cinderella, go to or and read the story.

    Fairy tales have happy endings. All of us know what happened in that mushy fairy tale, Cinderella. Yeah, it's romantic, the prince actually finding Cinderella. They lived happily ever after. But happy ending can sometimes be, well...boring. No zing. So predictable. So...happy. What if the shoe fit one of the other sisters? What happens then? Play with your imagination here. Be funny if you like. Or serious if you feel like it. Or be an Alfred Hitchcock. Whatever you are into, write your ending to the Cinderella story - but this time, make it so that the shoe fits one of the icky sisters. What does Prince Charming do? How does Cinderella cope with it? And what about the Fairy Godmother? Start your story here.

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      Life is short. Slow down and remember to smile.

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      I'm going to post a few alternate endings by my kids. Don't expect the stories to be perfect. There will be grammatical mistakes as well as holes in the stories. So what? Enjoy! I hope to see your alternate endings.

      Prince Charming was desperate to find his princess. Nothing in the world meant more to him than finding the mysterious girl he danced with at the ball. The next morning, the day after the ball, Prince Charming ordered his best men to help him find the girl whose foot fit into the glass slipper. He put up signs, sent letters to every girl in the kingdom, and searched houses everywhere.
      Immediately, the evil stepmother and stepsisters found out about the prince’s search. The stepmother wanted her oldest daughter to become a princess. She threatened all the girls in the kingdom to not tell who the mysterious girl was or they would die. Cinderella was frightened when she heard this. She hid the other glass slipper in the closet. Just as she was putting the slipper away, the stepmother walked into Cinderella’s room and saw her trying to hide something. The stepmother said, “Cinderella, what do you have there? Show it to me now!”

      Cinderella was afraid and had no other choice but to show her stepmother the glass slipper.

      “How could you do this to me and your sisters? Are you trying to embarrass yourself? Prince Charming would never fall in love with you if he knew how you really are. You are nothing more than a piece of trash! He deserves someone beautiful like your sister! For your punishment, you will stay locked in your room until Prince Charming marries your sister.”

      Cinderella was weeping inside her room alone. Meanwhile, the stepmother took her daughter to a doctor. She asked him to reduce the size of her oldest daughter’s feet so they would be the same as Cinderella’s. The operation was successful. The stepmother and stepsister headed back to their house. They dressed in their best clothes and called Prince Charming to their home.

      Prince Charming was relieved he finally found his princess. He brought the glass slipper with him. The first thing he did when he got to the house was to try the glass slipper on the older stepsister. The glass slipper fit perfectly. Then the prince said, “The glass slipper fits but now you have to dance with me and put on the other slipper.”

      The stepsister did not have the glass slipper and was furious. Then they all head a voice calling out for help. The prince unlocked Cinderella from her room. He recognized her smile. Prince Charming tried the glass slipper on her and it fit. After that, Cinderella went back into her room and came out with both glass slippers on. Prince Charming asked Cinderella to marry him and she accepted. Cinderella moved into the castle. Prince charming and Cinderella lived happily ever after.

      Can't you tell this was written by a girl?

      Life is short. Slow down and remember to smile.

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