Meeting Recap:

ESE Scholarship Result and Process:
- After the first qualification selection, ESE is looking at all applications to enter the first round pick.
- This year, we will have 3-5 first prize of $500 and 39-43 encouragement prize of $250.
- ALL ESE Scholarship panel members will select 50 semi-finalists from the applications, placed in order descending from most favorite. This selection per panel member will be submited to HandsomeBear no later than Feb 15, 2012. Submission after Feb 15, 2012 will be disregarded.
- ESE Scholarship next meeting will be Feb 18, 2012 to examine the combined results mapped in a matrix to derive the semi-finalist list of 50 applicants. Verification and validation process will follow.
- Verification and validation process will run through approximately the middle of March. At the end of this process, ESE will derive a list of finalists to be interviewed online in room ESE in Paltalk.
- It is estimated that the awards will be handed out in April 2012.

Financial Considerations:
- A spending budget will be set per finalist which will be handled by the region representative. Expenses incurred will be drawn from ESE Scholarship fund.
- Extracurricular expenses (such as logo banner, T-shirts, etc.) will need to be requested and approved separately.
- It is voted that forum/host maintenance cost will remain separated from ESE Scholarship fund. This fund will be raised separately and will be contributed by ESE staff members. This will also be brought up at the next staff meeting asking for supports. This donation will reimburse the ESE Scholarship fund the $345 spent. Other possibilities of raising fund to support ESE forum including placing google ads and donation button at various places within our forum will also be brought up at the next ESE staff meeting.

ESE Scholarship Panel changes:
- ESE had added zi_zi_2010 to the panel list.
- ESE had asked DailyNews-, Jenna, and Tu-An to stay on as consultants.

Action Items:
- ALL members of the ESE Scholarship panel need to examine every application to select 50.
- ALL members of the ESE Scholarship panel will email HcVcT with contact information (Name, Paltalk Nick, frequently used email, phone number). This is to create a directory to ensure a proper inter-communication level throughout this process.
- Due to erroneous donation entries, there are discrepancies in the financial figures. HcVcT will be working with SunHall to offset these amounts.

*** Please notify me immediately if I've missed anything from our ESE Scholarship meeting. Thank you.

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