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Apr 21, 2007, 03:39 PM
Thinh: Hello.

Jim: Oh, hi there!

Thinh: Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thinh Nguyen and this is my wife, Lan Phuong.

Jim: Pleased to meet you. My name is Jim Peters. Did you just move in next door?

Lan: Yes, we did. Have you lived here long?

Jim: Me? I guess so. I've lived here for about 6 years now. Have you lived in America very long?

Thinh: No. Not really. When we left Vietnam and came to America we lived with a cousin in Dallas for 2 years. Where do you work, Jim?

Jim: I teach mathematics at Willow Springs community college. What do you do?

Thinh: I am a mechanic at Allied Diesel. I repair truck engines.

Jim: What about you, Lan?

Lan: I am a nurse's assistant at Whitfield County hospital.

Jim: Well, Thinh and Lan, it was good to meet you. I have to go now. I'm teaching a class this evening and I need to get to the college.

Thinh: It was good to meet you, too, Jim.

Lan: Yes, it was good to meet you.

Jim: See you around!

Thinh and Lan: Good-bye, Jim!