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Mar 16, 2007, 11:04 AM

Taking a Reservation

Front Desk Receptionist

Enterprise Hotels, Lise speaking. How can I help you?

What date are you looking for?

How long will you be staying?

How many adults will be in the room?

I'm afraid we are booked that weekend.

There are only a few vacancies left.

[We advise that you book in advance during peak season.

Will two double beds be enough?

Do you want a smoking or non-smoking room?

The dining room is open from 4 pm until 10 pm.

We have an indoor swimming pool and sauna.

We serve a continental breakfast.

Cable television is included, but the movie channel is extra.

Take Exit 8 off the highway and you'll see us a few kilometers up on the left hand side.

The rate I can give you is 99.54 with tax.

We require a credit card number for a deposit.


I'd like to make a reservation for next week.

Is it necessary to book ahead?

Do you charge extra for two beds?

How much is it for a cot?

Do you offer free breakfast?

Is there a restaurant in the hotel?

Do the rooms have refrigerators?

Do you do group bookings?

Is there an outdoor pool?

Do you have any cheaper rooms?

When is it considered off- season?

Sample Conversation

Receptionist: Thanks for calling Quality Inn. Morine speaking.

Caller: Hello. I'm interested in booking a room for the September long weekend.

Receptionist: I'm afraid we're totally booked for that weekend. There's a convention in town and we're the closest hotel to the convention centre.

Caller: Oh, I didn't realize. Well what about the weekend after that?

Receptionist: So... Friday the seventeenth?

Caller: Yes. Friday and Saturday.

Receptionist: It looks like we have a few vacancies left. We recommend that you make a reservation, though. It's still considered peak season then.

Caller: Okay. Do you have any rooms with two double beds? We're a family of four.

Receptionist: Yes, all of our rooms have two double beds. The rate for that weekend is $129 dollars a night.

Caller: That's reasonable. And do you have cots? One of my daughters might be bringing a friend.

Receptionist: We do, but we also charge an extra ten dollars per person for any family with over four people. The cot is free.

Caller: Okay, but I'm not positive if she is coming. Can we pay when we arrive?

Receptionist: Yes, but we do require a fifty dollar credit card deposit to hold the room. You can cancel up to five days in advance and we will refund your deposit.

Caller: Great, I'll call you right back. I have to find my husband's credit card.

Receptionist: Okay. Oh, and just to let you know...our outdoor pool will be closed, but our indoor pool is open.