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Sep 21, 2010, 04:14 PM
Everytime I hold a class, I usually discuss different topics and strategies in learning English so I decided to make a Thread to update you with my lessons. You will be able to find the materials that I used and will be using in the future. You may also find some helpful guides that I would suggest to all of you.

Remember: Learning English is FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Sep 21, 2010, 04:34 PM
September 21, 2010

Here are the scripts of the dialogues that you may find useful in creating a CONVERSATION. These are the ones that I let some people read. Please take a look and read it when you're free.... You may also try to READ it with a friend or two. :khi159:

Making Friends

When making new friends, there are usually three parts to the conversation you will have with your new friend. The first is the greeting. In this part, you and your new friend will greet each other and tell each other your names. The second part is the conversation. Sometimes the conversation is small talk and some times the conversation is about important matters, such as business. "Small talk" is an American slang term. It means that the conversation is about matters that are not very important. When conversing with your new friend, it is customary to give information about your family, your work, or you will talk about any matter that is important to you and your new friend. The third part of the conversation is the leave-taking. In this part, you tell your new friend that you are happy to meet him and that you must end the conversation.
In this conversation, Thinh will introduce himself and his wife to Jim, their new neighbor.

Thinh: Hello.
Jim: Oh, hi there!
Thinh: Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thinh Nguyen and this is my wife, Lan Quong.
Jim: Pleased to meet you. My name is Jim Peters. Did you just move in next door?
Lan: Yes, we did. Have you lived here long?
Jim: Me? I guess so. I've lived here for about 6 years now. Have you lived in America very long?
Thinh: No. Not really. When we left Vietnam and came to America we lived with a cousin in Dallas for 2 years. Where do you work, Jim?

Jim: I teach mathematics at Willow Springs community college. What do you do?
Thinh: I am a mechanic at Allied Diesel. I repair truck engines.
Jim: What about you, Lan?
Lan: I am a nurse's assistant at Whitfield County hospital.
Jim: Well, Thinh and Lan, it was good to meet you. I have to go now. I'm teaching a class this evening and I need to get to the college.

Thinh: It was good to meet you, too, Jim.
Lan: Yes, it was good to meet you.
Jim: See you around!
Thinh and Lan: Good-bye, Jim!

Apartment Hunting

Bill is looking for a new apartment. He just moved to a new city in order to start studying at a university. He is at a Rental Agency in the new city.

Agent: Hi! Welcome to Rental Property Management. How may I help you?
Bill: Hi, yes. I'm interested in renting a two-bedroom apartment.

Agent: Okay. If you have a seat, one of our rental agents will be with you in a moment.

Bill: Thank you.

Associate: Hi, my name is Ann Smith.

Bill: Hi, I'm Bill Harrington.

Ann: Hi, Mr. Harrington. So that we will be able to match your needs better, I would like to ask you a few questions before I show you what we have available. First, what price range were you interested in?

Bill: Somewhere between $400-$450 a month.

Ann: Okay. Did you have a specific location in mind?

Bill: Well, I would like to live somewhere near the university. Or at least on a bus line.

Ann: And when would you like to move in?

Bill: On the first of the month.

Ann: Okay. Are there any other amenities which you would like to have? For example, a dishwasher, a balcony, a swimming pool or central air conditioning?

Bill: I would definitely like to have a dishwasher, and with summers like these, central air! A balcony is not that important. Oh, yes, and two bathrooms would be nice.

Ann: Okay. Here are photos of the apartments we have available which fit your preferences.

Bill: Thank you. This one on Broadway Avenue looks nice. I would like to see that one. And the one on Main Street.

Ann: Sure. Let me get the keys and we will go look at them. If you choose to rent one of them, we will need a damage deposit of $250. You will be responsible for all the utilities. You can sign a lease today, if you like.

Bill: Great! Thank you.

At The Library
Librarian: Can I help you?
Natalie: Yes, I am a bit confused. My sociology class is supposed to read a chapter in a book called Sociology and the Modern Age. According to the syllabus, the book is in the library, but I haven't been able to find it.

Librarian: Do you have your syllabus with you? May I see it?

Natalie: Yes, uh....I put it in the front of my sociology notebook. Oh, here it is.

Librarian: Let me see. Oh yes. Your professor has placed this book on reserve. That means you cannot find it on the shelves in its usual place. You need to go to a special room called the reserve room. It's down the hall and to the right.

Natalie: I'm sorry - I still don't understand what you mean by on reserve.

Librarian: You see, your professor wants every one in the class to read the chapter. If one student removes the book from the library, it is likely that none of the other students will have the opportunity to read it. So, your professor has insured that all students have the opportunity to read it by placing it on reserve.

Natalie: So, will I be able to find this book?

Librarian: Yes, when a book is on reserve, a student can go to the reserve room and ask the reserve librarian for the book. The student can have the book for a few hours, and he or she MUST read it in the library during that time. That way, the book stays in the library, and all students have a chance to read it.

Natalie: Okay. Thank you. I understand now.

Librarian: Will there be anything else?

Natalie: No! I am on my way to the reserve room. Thanks again!

Going to a Party

(Dan calls Kay)
Dan Hello Kay. It's Dan. I just received the invitation to your party.

Kay Can you make it?

Dan Well, let's see. It's next Saturday night, 7:00 pm, at 201 Liberty Lane, Champaign. Right?

Kay That's right. I hope you can come?

Dan It would be my pleasure. Can I bring anything?

Kay Just yourself.

Dan Ok, I'll be there with bells on. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks.

Kay Bye.

Dan See you then.

(Dan and Kay upon his arrival.)

Dan: Hello.

Kay: Hi, come in. Glad to see you.

Dan: (inside) Thanks for inviting me. I brought some wine.

Kay: Oh, how nice. Let me take it to the kitchen. Go on into the living room. I think you know most everyone.

An Evening with Americans & Russians

Chris: Hey, Tony, I have a question for you. Why is it that you think Americans always overplan evenings together?

T: Look, I just mean that I am used to getting an invitation, and then going and visiting people, not planning to meet next Tuesday two weeks from now at 7:30. If you are welcome at someone’s house, you should be welcome whenever you show up.

C: But what do you do if they’re busy, or out, or… I guess I just don’t understand how you have so much free time to be visiting each other all the time. What about the rest of your life?

T: Visiting friends is our life. People find things that are important to them. The friends we are talking about are people we have known since childhood or college, and we only have two or three people that we can call friends in our lifetime. Spending time drinking tea with our friends and sharing our lives is a major thread that runs all the way through our life.

C: I guess Americans do seem to have a network of acquaintances when compared to our friendships. Maybe it’s because we move around throughout our lives, or maybe we just approach friendships differently.

T: Just because you don’t have any friends doesn’t mean no one else does! I’m sure culture influences us, but we always make our own decisions.

C: I guess. With our family, it’s hard to imagine having enough time to have a deep friendship with a dog, much less someone outside our immediate circle. Maybe this is the classic individual versus the group difference?

T: You know, it is not just Russians that think Americans always think first of themselves. Maybe we are used to thinking of what’s best for the group instead of just ourselves. On the other hand, I sure know plenty of selfish people at home. I think that ultimately it is up to everyone to work hard to make the life they dream of.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

September 22, 2010

Asking for The Way

Visitor: Can you tell me how to reach the bank please?
Policeman: Which bank? There are two: the Allied Irish Bank and the Bank of Ireland.

Visitor: I have an AIB pass card and I want to withdraw money from the bank.

Policeman: You need to go to the Allied Irish Bank which is near the local shopping centre, Dunnes Stores.

Visitor: How do I get there. I have no knowledge of this area.

Policeman: Cross the road and turn left at the other side. Walk along the footpath until you reach the traffic lights. You will see a shopping centre on the right hand side. Walk across the road and turn right after the shopping centre. Keep going straight for about 100m and the bank is to your left.

Visitor: It sounds very complicated. How far is it from here?

Policeman: It's not so complicated. It's about five minutes walk from here. I can draw a map for you if you wish.

Visitor:Oh, I would really appreciate that . By the way will I be going North or South ?

Policeman: You will be going northwards. You are now in the the Western part of the city and the Allied Irish Bank is situated in the North East. Here's a rough sketch of the area.

Shopping in America
Conversation A

Conversation A is a typical conversation about shopping in the United States. Masahiro is an international student who has just arrived from Japan, and Anna and Will are introducing him to the shopping scenario in America.

Anna: As I was telling you, Masa, where you shop depends largely on what you need. So, if you want to buy an answering machine or a CD-player, your best bet would probably be an appliance store such as Radio Shack..
Will: Yup! Or Circuit City. I like Best Buy the best, though.

Masahiro: Why?

Will: Coz they usually have the best deals. They have sales on their TVs and CD-players every once in a while.

Anna: Hum. I'll bet they send you their glossy ads loaded with so-called "SALES"!

Masahiro: (laughs)

Anna: Well, I still think the CD-player I bought from them was a rip off.

Will: I'll admit some of their items are high-priced, but at least the shopper's guaranteed quality. There are very few places that have such a wide selection.

Masahiro: I need to buy disks, at least two disk holders, note cards, transparencies, and that kind of stuff.

Will: For office supplies, I suggest Office Max.

Anna: Or Comp USA. One good thing about living in a campus town, though, is that you can easily get that stuff at any of the bookstores. No doubt they do overcharge. I try to get around that by shopping around.

Masahiro: Shopping around?

Anna: Yes. That simply means you go to different stores, check out the prices of items you need and purchase them from the store(s) with the lowest price or prices.

Masahiro: I see. Sounds very practical.

Will: And time-consuming, too!

Masahiro: Where is Office Max located?

Anna: There's one in the mall, so we can stop by there this afternoon.

Masahiro: Great! Thanks.

Will: Hey, Masa. Just so you know, you can always run to the discount stores whenever you're out of something you need right away. There are several around campus.

Anna: That's right. And they carry pretty much everything a student needs. Pop, pasta, eggs, hair spray . . . you name it!

Will: They don't usually carry milk, though, so you might want to walk down to White Hen (Pantry), Walgreens, or some other convenience stores close by.

Anna: I wouldn't advise you to buy things in bulk from such stores, though. I mean, do your major shopping at the specialized stores. It's much cheaper, and more convenient in the long run.

Masahiro: Good advice!

Will: Sort of like Mom's!

Anna: Hey, watch it!

Will: Just kiddin'!

Masahiro (laughs). Life sounds great in this town! Oh! Before I forget, guys, where can I rent movies? I love watching movies in my spare time.

Anna: Me too! Let's see. There are two video stores close to your apartment. Lucky you! One's Blockbuster, and the other's That's Rentertainment. I believe they both have specials on weekdays, right Will?

Will: Yup. But not for the new releases. It's usually a buck each for the older movies.

Anna: Are you guys ready to go to the mall?

Masahiro & Will: Sure.

Anna: Masa, don't forget to take your shopping list with you.

Masahiro: Thanks for reminding me.

Anna: You're welcome. What are we waiting for? Let's go.

Shopping in America
Conversation B (At the Mall)

Anna: Here we are, guys, I'm going to stop by Bergner's first. I might just get lucky today. Who knows, some of their dresses might be on SALE.

Will: It's a fairly well-known department store. Sort of like Penny's. They've got some quality stuff. Wanna check it out?

Masahiro: Why not.

Anna: I need to get something for Lisa's birthday. She's into name brands. Any suggestions?

Will: A Gucci handbag or Calvin Klein T-shirt might be nice. Designer perfume is another option. Which reminds me! I have a 15% discount coupon for Lerner's and Penny's. I hardly ever shop at Lerner's, as I'm not that big on women's clothing. And I rarely shop at Penny's, so go ahead and use the coupons if you can. Here they are (handing them over).

Anna: Thanks a lot, Will. That's really very thoughtful of you.

Will: My pleasure, Ma'am!

Anna: Oh no! I was supposed to give Liz a buzz an hour ago! Hope I have a quarter (checks her purse).

Will: Need a nickle?

Anna: Actually, I don't have anything but pennies in change. Does any of you have a dollar in change?

Masahiro: Sorry, I don't, but I do have 35 cents on me. Will that be okay for the phone call?

Anna: Great! I really appreciate it. I'll make it quick. Do you guys want to go ahead?

Masahiro: We'll wait.

Will: Just don't forget us.

Anna: I won't. Why don't we just meet here in 30 minutes?

Will: Sounds good. I guess I'll just look around.

Salesperson: Can I help you, Sir?

Will: No thanks, I'm just looking. Well, just out of curiosity, how much is that necklace?

Salesperson: Twenty-nine, ninty nine.

Will: Really! My sister's birthday is tomorrow. She loves jewellry. I just wasn't sure I could afford it.

Saleperson: You'll find that a lot of our stuff is amazingly affordable.

Will: Well, that's certainly nice to know. I'll take it.

Saleperson: It's a good choice. I'm sure she'll love it.

Will: Let's hope so.

Salesperson: Cash or charge, Sir?

Will: Charge, please. Do you accept Discover?

Salesperson: Yes, we do.

Will: Great.

Salesperson: That comes to thirty one, ninty-nine with tax (handing him the charge sheet). Please sign next to the "X."

[Meanwhile, in another section of the store]

Salesperson: Do you need some help, Sir?

Masahiro: Well, I'm looking for . . . let's see. I've forgotten the name again! It's used to make fresh coffee.

Salesperson: A coffee maker?

Masahiro: That's right.

Salesperson: Well, we have a few in kitchenware, which is upstairs.

Masahiro: Thank you.

Salesperson: You're welcome.

[minutes later]

Anna: Oh, there you are, Masa! What did you get?

Masahiro: Just a simple coffee maker.

Anna: Good choice. And you, Will? Find anything interesting?

Will: A necklace for Stephanie's birthday.

Anna: Lucky her!

Will: Did you get anything?

Anna: Just a couple of silly earrings that I liked. I hope I wear 'em! I did a lot of window shopping.

Will: That can't hurt.

Anna: True. Well, do you guys need anything else from this place?

Masa: One last thing. Oh no! I've forgotten what you call it?

Will: Just describe it and we'll probably figure out what it's called.

Masa: It's a crystal container for flowers with long stems. I need to get one for my Mom.

Anna: Oh! A VASE!

Masa: That's it!

Anna: They should have a bunch in giftware.

Will: Let's go get one.

Anna: I'm going to have to stop by Jewel on my way home. Is that okay with you guys? I'm almost completely out of groceries.

Will: No problems. I could pick up a couple of things, too.

A visit to the Advisor

In this conversation, an international student has been asked to see her advisor. The advisor has something very important to discuss with the student.

Student: You wanted to see me?

Advisor: That's right. We need to have a serious talk.

Student: About what?

Advisor: Your attendance--or rather, lack of it.

Student: OK, so I've ditched class a few times . . .

Advisor: A few times? I've been told you've missed six out of eight times in two different classes! That's really setting yourself up to fail.

Student: Oh, come on. Those classes are really boring!

Advisor: But they're also required, so that doesn't matter. You're about to be in big trouble.

Student: What's the big deal about missing some classes?

Advisor: The big deal is that you're here on a student visa.

Student: So?

Advisor: So if you don't attend class regularly, you won't be a full-time student--which your visa requires. You'll be out of status.

Student: What are you gonna do? Turn me in to the Immigration Police?

Advisor: Oh, of course I'll have to report you if you continue missing your class, but I'm going to do something else first.

Student: Like what?

Advisor: Like faxing your father.

(Conversation A)

John likes Jenny, but he's afraid to ask her out. His friend Jack is trying to encourage him.

John: Hey, Jack, is Jenny coming with us?

Jack: Yes. Why?

John: Nothing. I'm just asking.

Jack: Just asking? But why is your face burning like mad? Ah-huh, someone has a crush on Jenny, doesn't he?

John: Who has a crush?!

Jack: Come on, John, don't be such a chicken. If you like her, you've got to tell her. Maybe she likes you.

John: But I don't have the guts to ask her out.

Jack: What're you so afraid of?

John: I'd totally die if she turned me down.

Jack: But that's better than keeping everything to yourself. You've got to let her know. Come on! You've got to take a chance!

John: I don't know....Well, maybe, you're right, but how am I going to tell her?

(Conversation B)

Tom wants to settle down and start a family, but his girlfriend Monica is not ready yet. Therefore, they have to break up....

Jack: Hi, Tom, how have you been?

Tom: Not very well.

Jack: Why? What happened? You look so down!

Tom: Nothing.

Jack: Come on. For a man who's so down, there're usually two reasons. Either his career is going downhill, or he has a broken heart. You're so successful, so....

Tom: Well, you're right. I just broke up with Monica.

Jack: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you two were made for each other.

Tom: Well, you never know. I'm ready for a commitment and want to settle down, but she says she wants to pursue her career while she's still young.

Jack: Well, it's always difficult to choose between career and family.

Tom: Maybe you're right.

Jack: John, I don't know what to say to comfort you, but cheer up! There's plenty of fish out there and you'll find your perfect match!

Tom: Yeah, but it's hard to forget her at the moment. You know, we were together for almost five years. It's really hard....

~~ The END~~

Oct 4, 2010, 05:18 PM
October 4, 2010


Beautiful Teacher Smiles, then Walks Away

The annual teachers’ meeting was the only time that all the teachers got together in one place at one time. It was a 3-hour meeting, from 7 to 10 p.m. Lecturers talked on various subjects. Each talk was followed by a question and answer period. It was an informal, pleasant evening.

The evening always began with a delicious dinner catered by a local restaurant. This year’s host was a Middle Eastern restaurant. Teachers piled as much as they wanted on their paper plates and found a seat outdoors or in the auditorium. Most teachers really seemed to appreciate the food.

For Shane, this evening was his opportunity to check out the female teachers. This year, a beauty walked into the auditorium about 10 minutes late. She sat in the row in front of Shane, just two seats away. Shane couldn’t believe it. She was not only the best-looking woman in the auditorium, but she smiled at him before she sat down. She was tall and had long red hair. She was wearing a sexy black cocktail dress.

Shane could not focus on the meeting anymore. He looked at the lecturers less than he looked at the redhead. He was enveloped in her perfume. She took notes right-handed. She ran her fingers through her hair. She crossed and uncrossed her legs. Shane was going crazy. Plus, there was no ring on her left hand.

The meeting ended. The dean thanked everyone for attending. Everybody applauded the presenters. The redhead stood up. Shane stood up. She smiled at him, and then walked out. Shane walked out. She went to the restroom. Shane waited. When she came out, he walked up to her.

“Hi,” he smiled. “My name’s Shane. I was wondering if you have time for a cup of coffee. I was hoping we could share some of our teaching experiences.”

She smiled. “Why, thank you. That’s sweet of you. I appreciate your offer, but I’ve got to get home. My husband is babysitting tonight, and I’m sure he’s pretty tired. Maybe another time?” She smiled, and walked away.

Feeling Blue

The blue-ring octopus is only about eight inches wide with its tentacles extended. It prefers shallow water near Australia and often lives under piers. It avoids humans. But if it must defend itself, this creature can deliver a bite that is fatal. The toxin from the bite can paralyze most of the muscles in a human. A human might die in less than five minutes.

The blue-ring octopus gets its name from bright blue circles that can appear all over its body and tentacles. These rings are nearly invisible when the animal is at rest. The rings glow when the octopus is alarmed. The glowing blue color warns others to stay away.

The blue-ring octopus likes to sneak up on its favorite food—crabs. The crabs are sometimes as big as the octopus. But the octopus is often able to “hug” the crab tightly with its eight tentacles. As soon as the octopus gets a good grip, it injects its toxin into the crab’s body. Sometimes it will inject its toxin directly into the crab’s eye. The toxin kills the crab quickly.

Like some other males in the animal world, the male blue-ring octopus dies shortly after mating. The female guards the eggs for about two months until they hatch. After that, she waits until another male comes along.

Oct 6, 2010, 03:57 PM
October 6, 2010

Davy Crockett and the Frozen Dawn

One winter, it was so cold that the dawn froze solid. The sun got caught between two ice blocks, and the earth iced up so much that it couldn't turn. The first rays of sunlight froze halfway over the mountain tops. They looked like yellow icicles dripping towards the ground.

Now Davy Crockett was headed home after a successful night hunting when the dawn froze up so solid. Being a smart man, he knew he had to do something quick or the earth was a goner. He had a freshly killed bear on his back, so he whipped it off, climbed right up on those rays of sunlight and began beating the hot bear carcass against the ice blocks which were squashing the sun. Soon a gush of hot oil burst out of the bear and it melted the ice. Davy gave the sun a good hard kick to get it started, and the sun's heat unfroze the earth and started it spinning again. So Davy lit his pipe on the sun, shouldered the bear, slid himself down the sun rays before they melted and took a bit of sunrise home in his pocket.

Oct 6, 2010, 04:01 PM
October 6, 2010

Tongue Twisters Pronunciation Practice

Twisters with "t" and "th"

Those toes aren't these toes.

These teas aren't those teas.

This tike ties threads together twice.

That tike ties together three threads.

Those threads the two tikes tied are tight.

Twist twice to tie tightly.

Thirty tee-shirts are tan, and thirteen tee-shirts are tie-dyed teal green.

The teal tee-shirts total thirteen, the tan tee-shirts total thirty.

Twisters with "r" and "l"

The rickety ladder rattled right and left before it crashed through the glass.

Rotten lettuce really reeks.

Loose, leafy lettuce reminds me of really pretty, green trees.

Real lemon, real lime, which would you pick every time?

Ribbons rolled, ribbons loose, hair untied, what's your excuse?

Tip and tap, rip and rap, lip and lap. Tip, rip, lip, tap, rap, lap.

Twisters with "s" and "sh"

She's so sick, and she's so sore, I wish her well forevermore.

A shout from the south woke the sleeping sherriff.

Something sure is fishy in this city.

Silver slivers shimmer softly in the sunlight.

Twisters with "i" and "ee"

Bumblebees briefly buzzed beneath the bins of beans.

Feeling ill or feeling well, Phil will hardly ever tell.

Feeling full, Phyllis didn't eat a bit of the beets.

Treena tripped on the tree root, and really ripped her raincoat.

Tins of tiny sardines filled the field.

She sells slippers, sleepers, and tiny little creepers.

Twisters with Nonsense Words

Snickety snackety snuck, trickety trackety truck, clickety clackety cluck.

Feely filly fay, freely frilly fray, reapy rippy ray, leapy lippy lay.

~~The END~~ :binhsua_07:

Oct 8, 2010, 03:58 PM
October 8, 2010



“Good evening, everybody!” said the teacher, Donna. “Where is everybody?” That was sort of a daily joke by Donna. Usually the class started with only two or three students present, and then filled up as the minutes went by. It was summertime. Summer school was only eight weeks long. Class attendance was always smaller than during fall and spring semesters.

“I don’t know, teacher. Maybe they late or no come,” said one student. “Maybe watching TV football tonight.”

“Is there a soccer game tonight? It seems like there’s a soccer game every night. Oh, well. Let’s get started, okay? We’re on page 36 in the workbook. Tonight we’re studying participles as adjectives. Students are always confused when they learn about the present and past participles, so we will practice this a lot. Tonight, we’re just going to practice the present participle.

“The present participle tells us what emotion or feeling the subject is causing. For example, ‘Grammar is boring’ means that the subject—grammar—causes an emotion of boredom. If we say, ‘The movie is interesting,’ we are saying that the movie causes a feeling of interest. If we say, ‘The roller coaster is exciting,’ we are saying that the roller coaster causes a feeling of excitement. Any questions so far? Am I confusing you? Is everyone confused?”

The classroom was quiet. Donna looked at blank faces. They were confused. She knew this would take a while. But eventually, the faster students would grasp it, and then they would help the slower students. By the end of the evening, most of the class would feel comfortable using the present participle.

Donna erased the board and put some new examples on it. She loved guiding her students through difficult topics like this one. She always felt a little bit thrilled when the look of understanding came to their faces.


If you have two hands, you can’t help but applaud the original Clapper. First sold in 1985, it worked with a lamp or any other electric device. You plugged the Clapper into an outlet. Then you plugged your lamp into the Clapper. By clapping twice, you turned the lamp on or off. It was a convenient gadget that also became popular with handicapped people. TV commercials showed grandma lying in bed reading. She put her book down, clapped twice, and went to sleep with a big smile on her face. She didn’t have to reach for the lamp switch or get out of bed and turn off the wall switch. The only problem with the original Clapper was that your barking dog, or your neighbor’s dog, could also turn your lamp on or off.

The current Clapper works with two lamps or other devices, such as radios and TVs. TV commercials show grandma reading in bed while the TV is on. She puts the book down, claps twice to turn off the TV, and claps three times to turn off the lamp. Then she goes to sleep with a big smile on her face.

Clapper Plus is a big hit, too. It can be adjusted to respond to the loudness of your clapping. It has a light to indicate if you are clapping loudly enough. It has an “Away” setting for security; when you’re not home, Clapper Plus will automatically turn on a light or the TV if it detects a noise. The light or TV should help scare away intruders. Clapper Plus also comes with a remote control, so that if grandma is extra tired, all she has to do is click the remote. The two versions sell for about $20 and $30.

A $40 version might be in stores next year. Because many people feel that clapping or clicking is “a lot of work,” the company is developing a voice-operated Clapper. The ultimate goal, said a Clapper spokesman, is a thought-operated Clapper.

Oct 11, 2010, 04:21 PM
October 11, 2010

Why Dogs Chase Cats

Once long ago, Dog was married to Cat. They were happy together, but every night when Dog came home from work, Cat said she was too sick to make him dinner. Dog was patient with this talk for a while, but he soon got mighty tired of fixing dinner for them both after a hard day's work. After all, Cat just stayed home all day long.

One day, Dog told Cat he was going to work, but instead he hid in the cupboard and watched Cat to see if she really was sick. As soon as Cat thought Dog had left, she started playing games with Kitten. They laughed and ran about. Cat wasn't the least bit sick.

Dog jumped out of the cupboard. When Cat saw him, she stuck a marble in her cheek and told Dog she had a toothache. Dog got so mad at her he started chasing her around and around the house.

Dogs have been chasing Cats ever since.

Mrs. Chory's Chickens

(A Tongue Twister Tale)

"Chick, chick, chick," called Carol Chory as she chucked corn onto the ground. Chickens popped out of the hen house and scurried into the yard. Charlie Chicken strutted to Carol Chory's side.

"Something new, Charlie," cried Carol, "Here is some caramel corn." She gave Charlie a handful. Charlie Chicken scratched at the caramel corn, then took a chunk and swallowed quickly. Carol Chory chuckled and went inside.

Beside Charlie, a hen began to choke on the caramel corn. She flapped about the coop in a frenzy. Soon chickens were choking and flapping all over the chicken coop. Charlie swallowed another chunk of caramel corn. The corn got caught in his throat. Charlie Chicken choked and flapped out of the coop and into Cobb street.

Charlie Chicken bumped blindly into Karl Kramer's cart full of chocolate-covered cherries and flopped inside. To Karl's consternation, the cart began to tilt. Suddenly the cart full of chocolate-covered cherries began rolling down Cobb Hill. Karl gave a shout and chased the cart. Charlie Chicken choked and flapped among the chocolate-covered cherries.

Kristel Cramdon screamed when she saw Karl's cart full of chocolate-covered cherries careening down Cobb Hill with Charlie Chicken's white wings flapping frantically at the front.

"Look out!" called Karl.

As the cart rolled past Kristel, a loose piece of board hooked into her cream-colored coulats and ripped them right off. Kristel gasped and tried to cover her polka-dotted bloomers, just as Karl Kramer crashed into her.

The cart continued its calamitous path down the hill, cream-colored coulats flapping at the rear and Charlie Chicken choking and flapping at the front. It cruised under the ladder on which Ken stood cleaning his chimney. The ladder collapsed and Ken landed face-first among the cartons of chocolate-covered cherries.

Charlie Chicken flapped frantically in fright as Ken gave muffled cries from underneath the cherries. Kristel Cramdon's cream-colored coulats fluttered in the wind and the cart full of chocolate-covered cherries continued to roll down Cobb Hill toward the center of Coon Falls.

Policeman Chad Charles leapt into Chin's China Shoppe to avoid the cart. He crashed into Chin and they fell to the floor, crushing most of Chin's china.

The cart took a short cut through Carla Cutler's courtyard and caught her laundry line, full of frilly pink underwear, on one of its upward planks. Kris Kringle, Carla Cutler's charcoal-colored miniature collie jumped aboard the cart when he smelled the chocolate-covered cherries.

Kris Kringle took a bite out of Ken's nose before discovering it wasn't a chocolate-covered cherry. Ken clouted Kris Kringle and blotted his nose with Carla Cutler's pink underwear. In the front of the cart, Charlie Chicken continued choking and flapping as the cart cruised into Cobb Court at the center of Coon Falls and crashed into Cami's Custard Stand.

Kris Kringle landed in a vat of chocolate custard. Ken splashed into the Coon Court fountain, as the chocolate-covered cherries cascaded all over the square. Carla Cutler's frilly pink underwear showered upon Cami's customers and Charlie Chicken crashed onto the ground. The caramel corn came flying out of Charlie's throat and rolled into a storm grate.

Charlie Chicken was annoyed by the rucus. He ruffled his feathers and went home. Charlie strutted past Cami's Custard Stand, where Cami was shouting at Ken about her underwear-strewn customers. He strolled passed the chocolate-covered Kris Kringle, who was licking custard off of his charcoal-colored fur. He went by a red-faced Carla Cutler, on her way to collect her collie and her frilly pink underwear. He flapped around Chin's China Shoppe where Chin was chucking china at Policeman Charles. Finally, he edged around the polka-dotted-bloomer clad Kristel Cramdon, who was clobbering Karl Kramer with her handbag and strutted into his yard.

Mrs. Chory's chickens had flopped in feathered heaps all over the yard, gasping heavily. The caramel corn lay uneaten on the ground. Carol Chory came out of the house. "How did you like the caramel corn, Charlie?" she asked. Charlie Chicken gave an indignant sqwauk and marched back into the chicken coop.

Oct 12, 2010, 04:30 PM
October 12, 2010

The following poem is a great tool for studying pronuncition of most difficult English words to foreigners. Since many of you are tutoring English I thought I'd place this funny rhyme so that you could use it as you learn English! Have Fun!!!!


Dearest creature in creation
Studying English pronunciation,
I will teach you in my verse
Sounds like corpse, corps, horse and worse
I will keep you, Susy, busy,
Make your head with heat grow dizzy.
Tear in eye your dress you'll tear,
So shall I! Oh, hear my prayer,
Pray, console your loving poet,
Make my coat look new, dear, sew it!
Just compare heart, beard and heard,
Dies and diet, lord and word,
Sword and sward, retain and Britain.
(Mind the latter, how it's written).
Made has not the sound of bade,
Say said, pay-paid, laid, but plaid.
Now I surely will not plague you
With such words as vague and ague,
But be careful how you speak,
Say break, steak, but bleak and streak.
Previous, precious, fuchsia, via,
Pipe, snipe, recipe and choir,
Cloven, oven, how and low,
Script, receipt, shoe, poem, toe.
Hear me say, devoid of trickery:
Daughter, laughter and Terpsichore,
Typhoid, measles, topsails, aisles.
Exiles, similes, reviles.
Wholly, holly, signal, signing.
Thames, examining, combining
Scholar, vicar, and cigar,
Solar, mica, war, and far.
From "desire": desirable--admirable from "admire."
Lumber, plumber, bier, but brier.
Chatham, brougham, renown, but known.
Knowledge, done, but gone and tone,
One, anemone. Balmoral.
Kitchen, lichen, laundry, laurel,
Gertrude, German, wind, and mind.
Scene, Melpomene, mankind,
Tortoise, turquoise, chamois-leather,
Reading, reading, heathen, heather.
This phonetic labyrinth
Gives moss, gross, brook, brooch, ninth, plinth.

(October 13, 2010 - 2pm-4pm)

Billet does not end like ballet;
Bouquet, wallet, mallet, chalet;
Blood and flood are not like food,
Nor is mould like should and would.
Banquet is not nearly parquet,
Which is said to rime with "darky."
Viscous, Viscount, load, and broad.
Toward, to forward, to reward.
And your pronunciation's O.K.,
When you say correctly: croquet.
Rounded, wounded, grieve, and sieve,
Friend and fiend, alive, and live,
Liberty, library, heave, and heaven,
Rachel, ache, moustache, eleven,
We say hallowed, but allowed,
People, leopard, towed, but vowed.

(to be continued on the NEXT class)

Mark the difference, moreover,
Between mover, plover, Dover,
Leeches, breeches, wise, precise,
Chalice, but police, and lice.
Camel, constable, unstable,
Principle, disciple, label,
Petal, penal, and canal,
Wait, surmise, plait, promise, pal.
Suit, suite, ruin, circuit, conduit,
Rime with "shirk it" and "beyond it."
But it is not hard to tell,
Why it's pall, mall, but Pall Mall.
Muscle, muscular, gaol, iron,
Timber, climber, bullion, lion,
Worm and storm, chaise, chaos, and chair,
Senator, spectator, mayor,
Ivy, privy, famous, clamour
And enamour rime with hammer.
Pussy, hussy, and possess,
Desert, but dessert, address.
Golf, wolf, countenance, lieutenants.
Hoist, in lieu of flags, left pennants.
River, rival, tomb, bomb, comb,
Doll and roll and some and home.
Stranger does not rime with anger.
Neither does devour with clangour.
Soul, but foul and gaunt but aunt.
Font, front, won't, want, grand, and grant.
Shoes, goes, does. Now first say: finger.
And then: singer, ginger, linger,
Real, zeal, mauve, gauze, and gauge,
Marriage, foliage, mirage, age.
Query does not rime with very,
Nor does fury sound like bury.
Dost, lost, post; and doth, cloth, loth;
Job, Job; blossom, bosom, oath.
Though the difference seems little,
We say actual, but victual.
Seat, sweat; chaste, caste.; Leigh, eight, height;
Put, nut; granite, and unite.
Reefer does not rime with deafer,
Feoffer does, and zephyr, heifer.
Dull, bull, Geoffrey, George, ate, late,
Hint, pint, Senate, but sedate.
Scenic, Arabic, Pacific,
Science, conscience, scientific,
Tour, but our and succour, four,
Gas, alas, and Arkansas.
Sea, idea, guinea, area,
Psalm, Maria, but malaria,
Youth, south, southern, cleanse and clean,
Doctrine, turpentine, marine.
Compare alien with Italian,
Dandelion with battalion.
Sally with ally, yea, ye,
Eye, I, ay, aye, whey, key, quay.
Say aver, but ever, fever.
Neither, leisure, skein, receiver.
Never guess--it is not safe:
We say calves, valves, half, but Ralph.
Heron, granary, canary,
Crevice and device, and eyrie,
Face but preface, but efface,
Phlegm, phlegmatic, ass, glass, bass.
Large, but target, gin, give, verging,
Ought, out, joust, and scour, but scourging,
Ear but earn, and wear and bear
Do not rime with here, but ere.
Seven is right, but so is even,
Hyphen, roughen, nephew, Stephen,
Monkey, donkey, clerk, and jerk,
Asp, grasp, wasp, and cork and work.
Pronunciation--think of psyche--!
Is a paling, stout and spikey,
Won't it make you lose your wits,
Writing "groats" and saying "grits"?
It's a dark abyss or tunnel,
Strewn with stones, like rowlock, gunwale,
Islington and Isle of Wight,
Housewife, verdict, and indict!
Don't you think so, reader, rather,
Saying lather, bather, father?
Finally: which rimes with "enough"
Though, through, plough, cough, hough, or tough?
Hiccough has the sound of "cup."
My advice is--give it up!

:khi72: The END

Oct 13, 2010, 03:40 PM
October 13, 2010

Super Easy Reading :binhsua_07:

A Long Life

Nancy wants to live a long time. She wants to live for one hundred years. She is five years old now. She wants to live 95 more years. Then she will be 100. Her father is 30 years old. He wants to live a long time, too. He wants to live for one hundred years. He wants to live for 70 more years. “Daddy, we will grow old together, okay?” Nancy said to her father. “Yes, honey, we will grow old together,” he said to Nancy. Then Nancy smiled. She gave her daddy a big hug.

Collecting Seashells at the Seashore

Maria and Lisa were best friends. They shared a two-bedroom apartment in Hollywood. Maria was a clerk at a clothing store, and Lisa was a clerk at a supermarket. Their hours varied, so they didn’t get to spend a whole lot of time together. But last weekend both were off work. “Let’s go to the beach,” suggested Maria.
“That’s a good idea,” agreed Lisa. “Which one?”
“Well, I would prefer an uncrowded beach, because I think I’ve put on a few pounds recently. I don’t want any boys seeing my fat.”
“Oh, please,” said Lisa. “You eat so little. Ounces don’t turn into pounds. How about Zuma Beach? That’s pretty far north of Santa Monica Beach, so it’s just right—not too crowded and not too empty.”
“That sounds good,” said Maria.
The drive to the beach took more than an hour. When they got there, the hot and sunny Hollywood weather had become cool, windy, and overcast beach weather. Both of them had been to the beach many times before, so they were not surprised by the change in weather. They put on their jackets, shoes, and socks, and headed north to hunt for seashells.
Within an hour they had collected about 20 beautiful shells into a plastic bag. They were still walking slowly north when they heard a roar. They turned around to see a four-wheel All Terrain Vehicle coming rapidly toward them. The driver braked at the last moment. Sand flew onto the two girls. They both screamed.
The driver was wearing a jacket that said Beach Patrol. He got off the ATV and started yelling at them. “What are you two doing here? Can’t you read? The signs say Private Property. They say No Trespassing. Get out of here before I write you a ticket and have you arrested.”
“What’s your name?” Maria stood defiantly. “I’m going to report you to the police. You’re not a real patrol officer. This is a public beach. Those signs are phony signs put up by homeowners who think they own the beach.”
“My name is John Smith. Report me to whoever you want. Now get out of here or you’ll be sorry.”
“You can’t make us leave. This is a public beach!” yelled Maria.
The man got back onto his ATV and started driving in circles around the women. The ATV was spraying sand and water all over them. He was laughing. They started running back south. When the ATV driver saw that they were leaving, he drove off.
“John Smith. A phony name to go with a phony uniform,” said Maria when they slowed down to a walk. “We’re going to the police station and make a complaint. I hope they put him in jail.”
A few minutes later, Lisa asked, “Where are the shells?”
“Oh, gee, in all the excitement I left them back there. I’m sorry.”
“No problem,” replied Lisa. “There’s plenty of seashells in the sea.”
“Yeah, just like there’s plenty of jerks on the shore.”

The END :khi18:

Oct 14, 2010, 04:21 PM
October 14, 2010


Rebecca's stomach hurt. She said that sometimes it felt like someone was peeling the skin off her belly; that pain felt worse than when she gave birth 17 years ago. She finally went to a doctor. He asked a lot of questions, and then examined her. He decided that she needed a couple of ultra-sound tests.

The tests revealed that she had two small ovarian cysts. The doctor said he did not think that those cysts were causing the problem. He wanted to do another test. It was called a colonoscopy. Rebecca told her boyfriend Ron about the doctor's suggestion.

"A colonoscopy?! You've got a problem in your belly, and he wants to examine your butt? Where did you find this quack? I'll bet he got his 'degree' off the Internet."

Rebecca asked her boyfriend where he got his medical degree from. Of course, he had no medical degree, but he told Rebecca that it was just common sense.

"If your car isn't running right, and the mechanic wants to look in your trunk to find the problem, what would you think? Would you let him charge you good money to examine your trunk, or would you go find a mechanic who knows what he's doing?"

Rebecca went to a medical site on the Internet later and discovered that some colon problems definitely could cause stomach pains.

Let's Sing!

by Lea Salonga

Half the world is sleeping,
half the world's awake
half can hear their hearts beat
half just hear them break

I am but a traveler, in most every way
Ask me what you want...to know

What a journey it has been
And the end is not in sight
But the stars are out tonight
and they're bound to guide my way

When they're shining on my life
I can see a better day
I won't let the darkness in,
what a journey it has been.

I have been to sorrow
I have been to bliss
Where I'll be tomorrow,
I can only guess

Through the darkest desert
Through the deepest snow,
Forward always forward, I go..

What a journey it has been
and the end is not in sight
But the stars are out tonight
and they're bound to guide my way

When they're shining on my life
I can see a better day
I won't let the darkness in,
what a journey it has been...

Forward, always forward...
Onward, always up...
Catching every drop of hope
In my empty cup

What a journey it has been
And the end is not in sight
But the stars are out tonight
and they're bound to guide my way

When they're shining on my life
I can see a better day
I won't let the darkness in,
what a journey it has been...

What a journey it has been...


~~The END~~ :khi105:


Oct 15, 2010, 04:02 PM
October 15, 2010

Hooking Up My Computer

Peter: Hi Jack. Can you give me a hand?
Jack:Sure. what's up?

Peter: I've just bought a new computer and I'm having some problems hooking everything up.
Jack:... and I'm a geek. Yeah, I know. I'd be happy to help.

Peter: Thanks! I've connected all the cables from my monitor, mouse and keyboard, and I've plugged it in.
Jack: Have you installed the software yet?

Peter: No, I haven't. Do I need to?
Jack: Not always, but it's best to install drivers for your keyboard and mouse, as well as your printer.

Peter: Will the computer boot up without those?
Jack: Of course. Boot up the computer and then we can update the drives.

Peter: OK. What's that thing (points to a computer component)
Jack: Oh, that's a memory reader. You can insert things like SD cards from your camera and mp3 players into it.

Peter: That's handy.
Jack: You've bought a nice system. How big is the hard drive?

Peter: I think it's 750 gigabyte.
Jack: Good... The computer's booted up. Let's install those drivers.

Peter: Before we do that, can I get online?
Jack: Do you have a modem?

Peter: Yes, I do. I think I have a cable modem.
Jack: hmmm... yes you do. Is the Ethernet cable plugged in?

Peter: What's that?
Jack: It's the cable that connects your modem to your computer.

Peter: Let's surf the internet!
Jack: Just a moment... first we need to launch the browser.

Peter: The browser?
Jack: It's the program that allows you to surf the internet.

Peter: oh ... I've got a lot to learn.
Jack: Yes, you do. I can see I'm going to be here all day ...

SD card
memory reader
Computer Related Verbs

to update
to turn off / on
to switch off / on
to plug in
to unplug
to install
to hook up
to connect
to disconnect
to boot up
to cut
to paste
to copy
to surf
to browse

Oct 19, 2010, 03:51 PM

What is a ‘super typhoon’?
By Brett Michael Dykes

With Super Typhoon Megi ravaging the Philippines on Monday, many have probably wondered, "Just what is a super typhoon?" Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What's the difference between a "super typhoon" and a regular typhoon? A super typhoon is the equivalent of a Category 4 or 5 hurricane, meaning it has maximum sustained winds of 150mph or more. It's basically a really intense typhoon, with the ability to produce high storm surges and torrential downpours, in addition to powerful winds.

How does a typhoon form? Much like hurricanes, typhoons develop over large bodies of warm water, which act as energy sources for tropical storm systems. Typhoons pose the biggest threat to coastal areas, since such storms typically lose strength as they move over land.

What's the difference between a hurricane, a cyclone and a typhoon? Essentially none, apart from the question of where they tend to hit. All three form over warm water and feature a circular "eye" in their center. A typhoon is a storm that develops in the Pacific Ocean north of equator, most typically in the northwest Pacific region.

How frequent are typhoons? Unlike Atlantic hurricanes -- which form between June 1 and Nov. 30 -- typhoons take shape year-round, though they form most frequently when the water is warmest, August to October. The most active season was in 1997, when a number of typhoons intensified to super typhoon status. Super Typhoon Tip in 1979 was the most intense such storm on record, stretching out to cover just under 1,400 miles, with winds reaching 190 mph.

What countries are most affected by typhoons? Typhoons turn up most commonly in countries in East Asia, such as Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, the Philippines and China. U.S. territories in the region, such as Hawaii and Guam, also frequently suffer typhoon damage.

How do typhoons get their names? The nations around the western Pacific region began using a new system for naming typhoons in 2000 that include personal names, names of animals and flowers, and even astrological signs.

Oct 20, 2010, 11:25 AM
Misty....so special....i love all ur posts :)...pls continue....

Oct 22, 2010, 01:02 PM
October 21, 2010

10 Types of Food That Can Make You Sick

The riskiest foods

Food poisoning is a horrible, even potentially life-threatening experience. But it’s hard to determine if food is safe to eat, partly because problems are relatively rare.

But knowing which foods are potentially risky can help.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest has issued a list of the top 10 FDA-regulated foods linked to outbreaks since 1990. (That includes produce, seafood, egg, and dairy products, but not meat.)

Be aware of the risk, but don’t avoid these types of food. “They are everywhere and are part of a healthy diet,” says CSPI staff attorney, Sarah Klein.

Leafy greens

Yes, they’re your favorite go-to salad greens—lettuce, escarole, endive, spinach, cabbage, kale, arugula, and chard.

But they also caused 363 outbreaks involving 13,568 reported cases of illness since 1990. (Remember bagged spinach in 2006?)

Greens can be contaminated by manure, dirty water rinses, or unwashed hands before you even purchase them.

To avoid getting sick, wash produce and prevent cross-contamination (improper handling of meat in the kitchen can spread bacteria to other types of food, including greens) by washing hands and using separate cutting boards.


This breakfast favorite has been linked to 352 outbreaks since 1990, most often due to Salmonella bacteria.

The bacteria can lurk inside the egg, so proper cooking is key (which kills the germs). Avoid eating any products containing raw eggs, including cookie dough.

“Our food supply is safe,” says Craig Hedberg, PhD, of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health in Minneapolis. “There is roughly one illness for every three to four thousand meals served,” he says.

Still, “raw food items like eggs may have contamination and need to be handled properly.”


This type of fish can be contaminated by scombrotoxin, which causes flushing, headaches, and cramps.

If it is stored above 60 degrees after being caught, fresh fish can release the toxin, which cannot be destroyed by cooking (and is unrelated to mercury contamination or other problems related to tuna and other fish).

Tuna has been linked to 268 scombroid poisoning outbreaks since 1990.

“You just can’t cook out all the things wrong with food supply right now,” CSPI's Klein says.


Before being transformed into a pricey delicacy, oysters lurk on the ocean floor doing what they do best—filter feeding.

And if the water they are filtering is contaminated, so are the oysters. (Or they can be contaminated during handling.)

If served raw or undercooked, oysters can contain germs—mostly a gut-churner called norovirus and a bacterium known as Vibrio vulnificus—that can cause nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.


A freshly scrubbed spud that’s properly cooked is unlikely to cause illness. But watch out for potato salad.

Cross contamination—the transfer of germs from one type of food, usually meat, to another—can be the source of the problem.

Potato-related outbreaks of illness have been traced to germs like Listeria (which can live on deli counters ), Shigella, E. coli, and Salmonella.


While restaurants are a key source of other food-related outbreaks, most people who get sick from cheese do so from products consumed at home.

Cheese can be contaminated with bacteria like Salmonella or Listeria, which can cause miscarriages.

(That’s why doctors warn pregnant women to avoid soft cheeses, such as feta, Brie, Camembert, blue-veined, and Mexican style cheese.)

Ice Cream

I scream, you scream. We all scream from ice cream? Ice cream has been linked to 75 outbreaks caused by bacteria like Salmonella and Staphylococcus since 1990, according to the CSPI.

The largest outbreak occurred in 1994, when a batch of pasteurized ice cream premix was transported in a Salmonella-contaminated truck, and then used to make ice cream without re-pasteurizing.

“People are making ice cream at home and using raw eggs in the household,” explains Hedberg.


Although tomatoes were found “not guilty” in a 2008 outbreak that sickened thousands (the culprits were jalapeno and Serrano peppers), this summer favorite has been linked to at least 31 outbreaks.

“Lettuce or tomatoes may be contaminated, but once they enter a household, you can make sure that you don’t allow the bacteria to grow and multiply,” says Hedberg.

To do this: wash hands for 20 seconds with warm water and soap before and after preparing fresh produce; wash fruits and vegetables under running water just before eating, cutting, or cooking, even if you plan to peel it before eating; and keep fruits and vegetables that will be eaten raw separate from other foods.


While sprouts are practically the poster child for healthy food, they can also be vulnerable to bacterial contamination.

The seeds used to produce the sprouts can be contaminated in the field, and water and warm growing conditions that encourage germination can also boost bacterial growth.

The FDA and CDC recommend that the elderly, young children, and those with weakened immune systems avoid eating raw sprouts.


Another common source of food poisoning is berries, including strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.

A 1997 outbreak that sickened thousands of children via school lunches was traced to hepatitis A-contaminated frozen strawberries (possibly from a farm worker in Baja California, Mexico).

Other cases—linked to imported raspberries from Chile and Guatemala—have been caused by a germ called Cyclospora, which causes severe diarrhea, dehydrations, and cramps.

~~The END ~~

Oct 25, 2010, 11:06 AM
Berries....Tomatoes....Ice Cream....Potatoes....Eggs.... sister :khi180: :binhsua_46:

Oct 31, 2010, 09:17 AM
Halloween celebration is a big deal to the Filipinos. Most of them are looking forward to this Holiday celebration. Those who are working far away would go back to their home town to be with their family. This is the time to commemorate with their loved ones who passed away. The memorial parks and other public cemetery all over the country are full pack of people visiting the grave of their loved ones. I could just imagine the line of vehicles on the road going to memorial parks. The highway patrol people would have 24 hours duty to make the road clear and convenient for people to pass by. Along the roadside going to the public cemetery and memorial parks are full of busy people walking, selling flowers, candles, food and drinks.

The following are their Halloween activities:

On the 31st of October, people who are working far away from their home town start to travel back home to celebrate this special occasion with their loved ones. On this day, people don't report to their work anymore. They are very busy preparing for Nov. 1 and 2 which they call All Saints Day and All Souls Day respectively.

At the Cemetery or memorial parks
You can see people bringing tools to clean the grave yard of their dead relatives. Honestly, most of them just visit the tomb of their loved ones, once a year only on this occasion so, they have a lot of things to do. Cleaning the tomb, repaint and they will make a shelter for them to stay on All souls day which is November 2. They will put up tents beside the grave with benches around it in preparation for their wake on the night of Nov.1. All members of the family specially the men are there to do the work.

Preparing/ buying Candles
Candles are very important part of the celebration. Most people would buy candles to put on the grave of their loved ones. This is also the time for the vendors to make money. You can see on the roadside going to the cemetery and at the entrance, vendors are all around selling different kinds and different colors of candles. Many people are buying, as if they don't want to miss this item to be put on the grave of their loved ones on this occasion. I have no idea of what is the significance of the candle but what I understand is, that is their special offering to the dead.

Preparing/buying Flowers

Along with the candles are bouquet of flowers. They would always bring fresh flowers to the grave. Again the vendors have great opportunity to make money by selling different styles of bouquets sold at different prices. People who have no time to make their own bouquet of flowers would not miss the flower offering because there are many for sale flowers at the cemetery entrance. The celebration wlll not be complete without the beautiful flower offering at the tomb. That's their way of showing their love to their dead loved ones.

Food Preparation

On the day of Nov. 1, while the men and the other members of the family were preparing and cleaning the graveyard, the mothers and the daughters were also busy preparing the food. They considered this as a great festivities because relatives from everywhere are visiting with them, so they have to prepare extra food. They mostly cook their native delicacies like, puto, suman. biko along with other recipes, beefsteak, fried chicken, pasta, rice etc. they would also prepare drinks. This is a great fun for all the family members and relatives to get together and celebrate.

The Party

This is the most awaited part of the celebration. On the night of November 1, the party will begin at the cemetery. All the family members will be there along with other relatives. This is the purpose of making tents and shelter so that they have place to host their party. They will have music, some would bring their sing along gadgets, others are bringing their musical instruments, some would play mental games like scrabble, etc and some would just talk and have fellowship with their relatives whom they just see every year, on this occasion only. The cemetery is full of fun on Halloween night.

Police Surveillance
In this occasion, police surveillance are all around the vicinity to maintain the peace and order of the place. If there are many people, there are unwanted circumstances that could happen which could not be avoided especially if people are already drunk. This is a 24 hour activity so security measures should be provided for everybody's safety. Some of the people will go home at early dawn but there are others who would stay until morning, so the police authorities would also stay with them.

This is how the Filipinos celebrate the Halloween. It is a very special Holiday for them to look forward to. Great reunion and fun activities.



Dec 22, 2010, 11:10 AM

To ALL my Vietnamese friends, I just would like to greet you a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you ALL!!!!

~mistylexy~ :khi159:

May 24, 2011, 01:23 PM
IELTS Practice Listening
May 24, 2011

Read the questions carefully, and try to work out as much as you can about the situation. Work out the type of information you have to listen for in each case. When you are ready press 'Listen'. You should only play the recording once, and try to answer all the questions whilst the recording is playing.

1. What is the name of the Plumbing company?

Barrat Plumbing
Carrard Plumbing
Wilson Plumbing

Water is coming out of the 2. ______ plastic pipe.
What make is the washing machine? 3.
The woman is advised to call Johnson's 4. _______________ appliances
What number on West road is the woman's address? 5. ____________
6. What is near East Greenshore?

A town
An apartment
A university
Johnson's shop is on 7._______

8. What is near Mr Johnson's shop?

a cinema
a river
a plumber

What is the woman's phone number? 9. ____________

10. Mr Johnson should phone Mrs Harris

Before 3.pm
After 3.pm
It does not say

May 24, 2011, 01:28 PM
IELTS Example Listening Questions

1) What have farmers realised about organic farming? a. It is more costly than conventional farming.
b. It is more cost-effective than conventional farming.
c. It results in lower profits than conventional farming.

2) In what way does organic farming benefit the environment?
a. It does not use chemicals.
b. It uses only synthetic materials.
c. It can be used to control produce.

3) What comment did the speaker make about the certification process?
a. Most farmers can pass it easily.
b. It involves a great deal of processing.
c. It involves quite strict standards.

4) Which concern do some people have about organic food?
a. cost
b. safety
c. production methods

5) How does organic farming improve wildlife?
a. It results in a greater variety of species.
b. It reduces the amount of insects.
c. It increases livestock.

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