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Aug 7, 2010, 11:23 PM
You Can See This Art for Free on Streets Around the World (Part 1)

1/Today, we ___ through city ___ all over the world to ___ street art, a popular and ___ art movement.
Today, we TRAVEL through city STREETS all over the world to EXPLORE street art, a popular and LIVELY art movement.

2/Street art can be ___ on buildings, ___, street ___ and even ___ from Tokyo to Paris to New York City.
Street art can be FOUND on buildings, SIDEWALKS, street SIGNS and even TRASHCANS from Tokyo to Paris to New York City.

3/This special ___ of art can take the form of paintings, ___, ___ or even ___.
This special KIND of art can take the form of paintings, SCULPTURES, CLOTH or even STICKERS.

4/Its international ___ is supported by Web sites, ___ ___, books and ___.
Its international PRESENCE is supported by Web sites, ARTIST COMMUNITIES, books and MAGAZINES

5/Street art has become ___ of a ___ ___ ___.
Street art has become PART of a GLOBAL VISUAL CULTURE.

6/Now, even art ___ and ___ are ___ the work of street ___.
Now, even art MUSEUMS and GALLERIES are COLLECTING the work of street ARTISTS.

7/It is not easy to ___ ___ exact ___ of the street art ___ .
It is not easy to PROVIDE AN exact HISTORY of the street art MOVEMENT.

8/This kind of art has ___ in many ___ of ___ in ___ all over the world.
This kind of art has DEVELOPED in many KINDS of WAYS in PLACES all over the world.


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