View Full Version : Task and Suggestions as an ORGANIZERS for 3/26/10 fundraising

Mar 26, 2010, 04:25 AM
Hello all,

Since some of us have different time zones and instead of meeting, I thought I create this thread for us to communicate. Below are people are the organizers for the night, TieuThoBuiDoi, OoSoOSwtJenna, LucChiCamMa, Linda15_04, Fannvi, and myself.

Our purpose is to help the emcee for the night and the accountant to run the things more smoothly. Here is the link for you time http://tienganh.net/showthread.php?t=6806&p=15592#post15592 and the emcee that you will be working with.

My suggestions is this to make it less confusing for everyone, one organizer will work with one emcee for that time frame instead of messaging back and forth. Also with this, the other person could also get some rest.
For example: HcVct is the emcee, I will be responsible during his time to get the person's that are raising their hands to sing or to request and forward that information to the emcee.
Now in details - I think we should try to message atleast the first 5 people who have their hands raise to save time and get their information, like the songs they will be singing, how much they are donating, or they are requesting and who. With this information we could forward to acct. and they could do their thing and slowly forward the information to the emcee without bombarding them with info. If anyone have ideas, please reply to this forum.

Thank you,