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Questions from Dailynews class
What is the literary technique of foreshadowing? (3 pts)
a) to make the story dark and confusing
b) to give clues to what will happen next
c) to emphasize setting and character

In the stories, Two Kinds and What I Found In America, what is the type of writing? (2 pts)
a) argumentative
b) narration
c) compare and contrast

What is the definition of recondition (v)? (2 pts)
a) to have a sick condition
b) to repair or restore
c) to have a lot of wealth

What is the definition of insensible? (2 pts)
a) no common sense
b) you have a special ability
c) cannot feel or have no feeling

In the following sentence, please give the definition of the word “long”? (3pts)
I longed to open my heart to her, but I was so excited I didn't know where to begin.
a) dai dong, keo dai
b) mong moi, uoc mong, ao uoc
c) lam lung tung, lam lon xon

In the following sentence, please give the definition of the word “second-hand”?
But then my parents had saved up enough to buy me a second-hand piano. (2 pts)
a) Something that is old and used
b) brand new
c) something that has two hands

A major clue to the theme of the story What I Found In America is from the following passage:
“"We go forth all to seek America. And in the seeking we create her. In the quality of our search shall be the nature of the America that we create."
Please translate this passage into Vietnamese. (4 pts)

From the story What I Found In America, what were the main reasons leading the Russian-Jewish family to immigrate to America? (2pts.)
a) There was gold in America
b) Cultural oppression and poverty
c) They wanted their children to have an education

Identifying part of speech: (3 pts)
I marveled at the simplicity with which she explained me to myself.
Marvel (v), simplicity (n), explained (v)

Definition of vocabulary from the reading:
What is the definition of endure (v)? 2pts.
a) bao dam
b) chiu dung
c) say ra sau do
answer: b

Identifying part of speech: (3 pts)
And so I kept on restlessly debating
Kept (v), restlessly (adverb), debating (v)

In the following sentence, please give the definition of the word “trade”? (2pts)
What trade would you like to learn – sewing machine operating?
a) trao doi
b) buon ban
c) nghe nghiep

Identifying part of speech: (4 pts)
Our desperate helplessness drove me to strength.
Desperate (adj), helplessness (noun), drove (verb), strength (noun)

Identifying part of speech (loai tu) from the following sentence:
1. John dreamed of having a beautiful girlfriend.
2. John never thought this dream would come true.
What is the part of speech of the word dream in sentence 1 and 2?

OoSoOSwtJenna Phonics class
What vowel sound do you hear in the word paint? long a
Which word does not belong: just, dug, used, up? used

True or False (1pt). The “th” cluster in the middle of words is a little softer. For examples, mother, father, together, weather, another.

True of False (1pt). Usually the “c” consonant has a soft sound.

Choose the word below that has a short a sound.


Choose the word that has a short e sound.


What does adding the letter e to a word with one syllable do to the first vowel in the word?

changes the vowel into a consonant
makes the vowel say its name
makes to vowel disappear

How would you change the short u sound in tube to a long u sound?

add an e at the end of the word
add an e at the beginning of the word
change the u to the letter a

Which word below has the short I sound?


Which word has the short o sound?


How many letters or combinations of letters make the long o sound (as in "toe") in English? (4pts.)
Answer: There are 6 ways to spell the sound of long o in the English language: o as in over; oa as in oatmeal; oe as in toe; ow as in blow; o plus a consonant and silent e as in bone, and ough as in though.

What is a syllable? (2pts.)
Answer: A syllable is a word or a part of a word that contains one vowel sound.
How many phonemes are there in the following words: cat, chat, fish, stick, blue? (6pts.)
Answer: Cat contains 3: /c/, /a/, and /t/.
Chat contains 3: /ch/, /a/, and /t/.
Fish contains 3: /f/, /i/, and /sh/.
Stick contains 4: /s/, /t/, /i/, and /k/.
Blue contains 3: /b/, /l/, and /oo/.

How many graphemes are in the following words: cat, chat, fish, stick, blue? (3pts.)
Answer: Cat contains 3.
Chat contains 4.
Fish contains 4.
Stick contains 5.
Blue contains 4.

Which two words from the following list have the same vowel sound: kept, bag, weigh, head, be? (2pts./4pts. If you read the all the words correct)
Answer: Kept and head.

Identify the consonant blends in each of the following words: fist, slip, stride, shred, prod. (2pts.)
Answer: The st in fist, the sl in slip, the str in stride, the shr in shred, and the pr in prod.

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