View Full Version : Practice Idioms - Lessons 1-3

May 8, 2009, 03:06 AM
Chose the most appropriate reply to the following statements:

1) Bob: “Susan, I can’t get my old job back. It’s a lost cause.”
a) “Lost?” Maybe I can help you find it.”
b) “Yes, I know it’s not a good cause.”
c) “I understand. You’ll find something else.”

2) Susan: “How could Peter fire you? Were you slacking off?”
a) “No. I was working very hard!”
b) “No. I talked on the phone to friends all day.”
c) “Yes. I was working very hard!”

3) Ted: “It’s getting late. I’d better start hitting the books.”
a) “Yes, that’s a good idea. Spend some time studying.”
b) “Hit the books? Why don’t you red them instead?”
c) “Why don’t you study instead?”

4) Bob: “Susan, the truth is that I couldn’t stand Peter.”
a) “I know. Peter really liked you too.”
b) “I liked him too. He was a nice guy.”
c) “I didn’t like him either. He was a jerk.”

5) Peter: “I don’t give a hoot how long you’ve been working here.”
a) “I would give a hoot either.”
b) “I guess our years together aren’t important to you.”
c) “Yes, it was a long time.”

6) Susan: “Nicole, do you ever cut class?
a) “No, I’ve never missed a single class.”
b) “Yes. I had to leave my math class early yesterday.”
c) “No. Sometimes I go to the mall during class time.”

7) Bob: “This book on computers is way over my head.”
a) “Over your head? It should be in front of your face!”
b) “Why don’t you start with an easier book?”
c) “Here, try this book. It’s more difficult!”