View Full Version : Idioms #4 - Nicole's Day at school.

May 8, 2009, 03:03 AM
Nicole tells her mother Susan about her successful presentation at school. Her brother Ted overhears and interrupts the conversation.

Susan: How was your day at school today, Nicole?
Nicole. It was great, Mom. I gave a presentation on Hillary Clinton in government class. Afterwards, my teacher paid me a compliment.
Susan: What did she say?
Nicole: She said my presentation was head and shoulders above the others.
Susan: Way to go!
Nicole: She also said I should go into politics, just like Hillary.
Ted: You’re so gung ho about school. It drives me crazy.
Nicole: Ted, don’t butt in! You’re just jealous.
Ted: Right. You hit the nail on the head. I’m green with envy.
Nicole: Would you just shut up? You’re on thin ice with me right now.
Ted: Oh no! Look at me. I’m shaking in my shoes!

Fill in the blank with the missing word:

1) Nicole is in a good mood because her teacher __________ her a compliment.
a) told b) paid c) provided

2) Nicole’s teacher told her she was ________ and shoulders above her classmates.
a) elbow b) neck c) head

3) When my friend Chad told me he’d just won the lottery, I was ______ with envy.
a) blue b) green c) red

4) When you do something well, your boss might tell you, “Way _____ !”
a) to come b) to go c) to act

5) When the robbers entered my house, I was in the kitchen shaking in my _______.
a) slippers b) pajamas c) shoes

6) If somebody is bothering you, you can tell them they’re driving you _____.
a) crazy b) angry c) unhappy

7) If you like power, you might consider going ______ politics.
a) above b) towards c) into

8) “You’ve been yelling and screaming for the past two hours. Could you just shut ___ already?”
a) up b) in c) off

Chose the best substitute for the phrase or sentence in bold.

1) When her friend Anna got into Yale, Nicole was green with envy.
a) sick
b) happy for her
c) very jealous

2) Bob and Susan are really gung ho about the TV show Survivor. They watch it every Thursday night.
a) enthusiastic
b) concerned
c) angry

3) Shut up! I can’t take any more of your screaming.
a) Talk louder!
b) Be quiet!
c) Get out!

4) You got a scholarship to attend Harvard? Way to go!
a) Too bad!
b) Good work!
c) Oh well!

5) Please don’t butt in! We weren’t talking to you.
a) look at us
b) disagree with us
c) interrupt our conversation

6) These cookies aren’t very good. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said I should add more sugar next time.
a) were wrong
b) were right
c) were confused