View Full Version : Idioms #3 - Ted's Day at School

May 8, 2009, 01:41 AM
Ted’s (Bob and Susan’s Son) Day at School.
Ted tells his parents did poorly on his chemistry test. They tell him that he needs to get serious and study more.

Susan: How was your day at school today, Ted?
Ted: Bad. I had a chemistry test, and I blew it!
Susan: Maybe if you didn’t cut class so often, you’d do better.
Bob: That’s right, son. Stop slacking off and start hitting the books!
Ted: But I can’t stand chemistry class. Besides, it’s a lost cause. That class is way over my head.
Susan: You need to buckle down.
Ted: When I am a famous musician, people won’t give a hoot about my knowledge of atoms and molecules.
Bob: That’s beside the point.
Susan: We know you have your heart set on going to New York University.
Bob: And you don’t’ stand a chance of getting in there with such poor grades! Get real!