View Full Version : ESE Scholarship 04/25/09 Recap

May 1, 2009, 12:01 PM
I apologize for the late recap.

1. Changes in the number of scholarship giving out.
Due to the tremendous and generous supports of our friends, we have decided to remove the count of 2 for the scholarship program this year. At this time, we will not set a number. It will be balanced between the number of applications we receive and the amount of fund at the time. We will annouce the number of scholarships giving out at the end of the application accepting process.

2. Cô iPropose will be in contact with her friend seeking help in our search for deserving candidates. Cô iPropose's friend will do the preliminary screening to introduce the more deserving candidates to our ESE Scholarship program.

3. Cô DieuNhac is in charge of the Vietnamese translation of the flyer and the brochure. Cô DieuNhac will give the result to either cô m_cafe or cô Jenna. At which time, information will be given to Bam-Bi-No to have them printed in VietNam and proceed with the search for deserving applicants.

4. Cô Khoai is to verify the ESE Scholarship application. Correction(s) will be given to cô Jenna.

5. Cô iPropose raised an issue of paypal cost for the overwhelming amount of donations in a short time. This cost will be taken from the donation fund to reimburse cô iPropose.

6. Mr. USAgentLEMAN will join the ESE Scholarship panel as an advisor/consultant. His role, mostly, will be helping us with the effort of making ESE a legalized non-profit organization.

7. With the amount of donation fund, we have a need to legalize ourselves as a non-profit organization. Its main purpose is to protect those involved. Among its benfits will be the tax write-off for donators in the US. Bryan will check with his other non-profit involvements to verify his availability of heading up this effort as the CEO of ESE. USAgentLEMAN, at which time, will be involved in assisting Bryan with the process. LuaViet and HandsomeBear will oversee this effort.

8. To reiterate the process of choosing the winners of our ESE Scholarship program. It will be as follow...
- Accepting ESE Scholarship applications.
- ESE Scholarship panel will meet to decide the number of scholarships. That figure will determine how many applicants each member of the panel would be allowed to select.
- ESE Scholarship panel members pick candidates based on documents given.
- ESE Scholarship panel will meet to compare notes, present his/her picks and supporting evidences. The result will be the finalists.
- With the help of the VietNam chapter of ESE staff, documents of all finalists will be verified.
- A live interview from the ESE Scholarship panel with the finalists will be announced and held in room ESE.
- ESE Scholarship panel will meet to select the winners.