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Mar 15, 2009, 11:09 AM
6 simple dialogues

A: Good evening, Sir.
B: Good evening. A table for two, please.
A: Do you have a reservation?
B: No we haven't.
A: One minute please sir....This way, please.
B: Thank you.


A: Hi Chris. Do you fancy going for lunch?
B: Yeah, why not?
A: Shall we say twelve thirty?
B: Alright, see you then.


A: Hello, Jack.
B: Hi, Simon.
A: How's things?
B: Fine, thanks. How are you doing?
A: Oh, not too bad. Just finishing off a few things before the holidays.
B: Oh, you're off soon, aren't you?
A: Yeah, beginning of next month.
B: Have you eaten yet?
A: No, I was just thinking about that.
B: Shall we go to that Indian?
A: You mean the vegetarian?
B: Yes, that's right. What shall we say, ten minutes?
A: Alright, see you at the bottom of the stairs.


A: Are you ready to order Sir?
B: Yes, I'd like the chicken, please.
A: The chicken. Certainly, Sir.
B: And one vegetable lasagne as well, please.
A: And vegetable lasagne. And to drink?
B: Have you got white wine?
A: We have. Would you like to see the wine list?
B: Just give us two glasses of house white, please.
A: Thank you, Sir.


A: Eric, have you ever had dim sum?
B: Yes, but I can never remember the names.
A: Is there anything you especially like?
B: Well, I really don't know....
A: OK. Is there any food you don't eat?
B: Well, I don't eat meat. But I like any kind of fish or vegetables.
A: Then let me order some food for you.


A: Could we have the bill please?
B: Chris, let me get this.
A: No, no. You got it last time. It's on me.
B: OK, it's very good of you.
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Stone's throw away

Are you doing anything this weekend ?BNo, I'm free, unless something crops up. Why ? What do you have in mind ?AI'm thinking of getting Vishnu a present. Would you like to chip in ?BSure, why not ? Where do you plan to go ?AI thought of going to Parkson Complex. It's a stone's throw away. Besides, the prices are reasonable.BThat's great ! I'm trying to cut down on my monthly expenses.

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Comforts of home

Gabby:Hi, Harry, it's great to see you again. I heard you've traveled a lot recently.
Harry:Yeah. In the past three months I traveled to many countries in Africa.
Gabby:Well, I really envy you! Did you pet a hyena? (Harry is dumbfounded.) I'm just kidding.
Harry:Well, I didn't pet a hyena, but I was once chased by a rhino, and it was fun!
Gabby:Are you serious?
Harry:No. I'm just kidding.
Gabby:You really scared the heck out of me.
Harry:(Laughing....) Well, I really missed the comforts of home. Now I just want to take a break. A long break!

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Making Tea
A: When you make a cup of tea, like, do you, like, put the milk in first or put the sugar in first or put the tea in first? Is there some, like, special way you do it?
B: Put the sugar and the tea-bag in together then pour in the water and leave it sit. Yeah. Never squeeze the tea bag
A: Never squeeze the tea bag?
B: Never squeeze the tea bag.
A: What about the milk? You put the milk in last?
B: Put the milk in last. Give it five or ten minutes to let the tea bag diffuse then dump in the milk.
A: That is if you are using a tea bag but if you make a pot of tea a lot of people say you should put the milk in first and then put the tea in second because if you put the milk in second, it leaches the flavor out of the tea. Have you ever heard that?
B: I have heard that putting the milk in first is better because … otherwise the tea gets burned.. from the boiling water.
A: Mm.
B: I am not too sure on that.
A: There is nothing like a good cup of tea.
B: No, there is not.
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Drilling Ore
A: It is a land-based rig.
B: Uh-huh.
A: And we are drilling mainly for gas.
B: M-hm.
A: Natural gas. The wells range between two thousand five hundred metres to three thousand five hundred metres in depth.
A: Yeah. It is really interesting. My position is called “motor man” and it is kind of like a middle position almost like a sergeant.

B: Right ok.

A: So basically I am in charge of the three workers under me. I am in charge of all the mechanical and electrical systems. The air systems. Pretty much everything that is moving on the rig.

B: Right.

A: And also…

B: How big is the rig? It is like a big machine or?

A: It is a series of machines. The actual drilling platform itself, is called “the rig”.

B: Right.

A: It is It comprises (of) a working floor.. It is about four metres off the ground.

B: Uh-huh.

A: A derrick which is about thirty meters in height

B: Right.

A: And then you have got a system of mud tanks and pumps off to one side. There’s generators to supply electricity to the rig. Off there is a changing room. There is a catwalk where all your drilling pipe is stored on.

B: Uh-huh

A: There are various components.

B: Right.

A: All in all you are looking at maybe about a hundred and fifty square metres in area.I am also in charge of the well control so if while you are drilling into the production zone; the area down in the earth where the gas is stored…

B: Down under?

A: Yeah. It is under really high pressure so you have to control the weight of your drilling fluid.

B: It is pretty dangerous. They have explosions sometimes?

A: Sometimes. That is called a blowout. My job is to stop that from happening and if it goes there’s warning signs and when we get these warning signs we shut the well in …

B: Right.

A: … and we divert the flow of the drilling fluid through a system of manifolds and high pressure valves … divert it into different mud tanks and if there is any gas coming up we light a flare to burn off the excess gas.

B: Right. I have seen that in pictures of oil wells.

A: Yeah, you would have. yeah It is interesting work. You are dealing with geology. You are dealing with fluid dynamics. Physics.

B: Do you have a background in like engineering or anything like that…mechanical…?

A: No, actually it is pretty much learn as you go. It is always on the job training. You are learning something new every day. You don’t really stagnate at work.