View Full Version : Idea for Fund Raising

Aug 26, 2008, 04:11 AM
I've been having this thought for awhile and I need everyone's input to see whether it'll work or how should we make it work:

Debating session

Since we have been taking advantage of combining Skype and Paltalk, can we have a debate on a random topic between two individuals? An MC will of course host the session and give the topic (from a random list .. perhaps?) and keep the time. Each person can present his/her POV for 2-3mins or so. Each debate can go up to 10 mins. The closer to the 10 minutes mark, each side will need to summarize their points. The "winner" of the debate will be voted on by the Audience (or a panel of judges; although I'd prefer the audience votes).

Sponsorship/Due Fee: Depend on the number of participants, I think we can ask for $2/participant and the winner will be awarded $5 (maybe?). That'll be $9/debate. I try to keep the amount low because if there are too many participants our sponsor(s) and participants will be broke within a day. I think this is a pretty reasonable amount.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think. To me a debating session will really help boosting everyone's public speaking skill as well as learning how to actively speak and interact to current issues rather than passively read and write.

Your inputs/suggestions are greatly appreciated!