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Apr 14, 2008, 07:24 PM
Aries ( 21 March to 20 April )
There is a danger of accidents, in particular on wednesday-so drive carefully! At the weekend you're going to feel very amorous.

Taurus ( 21 April to 22 May )
Some of your co-workers may be difficult, but don't react angrily. Remember, you'll have to work with them, too.You could fall madly in love with a person with brown hair!:heart:

Gemini ( 23 May to 21 June )
You're going to look and feel great. You'll be able to channel your energy into meeting goal quickly. Your love life will be fantastic.

Cancer ( 22 June to 22 July )
You spent your money too fast.Watch your money more carefully, otherwise you'll find yourself with financial problems. Be careful of people with blue eyes!:online2long:

Leo ( 23 July to 22 Aug )
A friend will help you to see things from a different perspective. Your love life is going to be somewhat problematic.

Virgo ( 23 Aug to 22 Sept )
Something very strange is going to happen suddenty and out of the blue.
Be ready! It could have something to do with an English class

Libra ( 23 Sept to 22 Oct )
This is not going tob e a great week careerwise. Put off important decisions and you’ll get through the week just fine. You’re going to get some excellent news.

Scorpio ( 23 Oct to 21 Nov )
It may seem impossible with all you’ve got to do, but try to concentrate on one thing at a time and you’ll accomplish a lot more. Learn a foreigh language: you’ll need it in the future.

Sagittarius ( 22 Nov to 22 Dec )
Be flexible at work and at home and you’ll find that things will go well. Someone around you is going to find you attractive!

Capricorn ( 23 Dec to 20 Jan )
You’re going to be lucky! You may want to buy a lottery ticket. If there’s someone you secretly admire, then speak to him or her now!

Aquarius ( 21 Jan to 19 Feb )
You’re working too hard. Relax and enjoy life! You’re going to hear from an old friend who will make you laugh.

Pisces ( 20 Feb to 20 March )
Slowly but surely things are settling down in your life; this will five you time to make some important decisions. Consider all your options and be realistic! Money won’t be a problem.

Apr 15, 2008, 11:28 AM
:salute: Hi Schatz, how are you? wow, my love life will be fantastic.:drunk: I hope this horoscope for the whole year and not just a weekly thing. :blush: Thanks Schatz hihihi.

ba thim 7
Apr 15, 2008, 07:11 PM
:salute:Halluuuuuuu my schatzzz..... (Nhào dzô ôm schatzzz cái đùngggggg!!!).

Wow hoo..... You know, I luv to read this so muchh... :brows: So, thanks so muchhh my lovely schatzz... Therefore , I also have something wanna share with you. Here we gooo gooo gooooooo my lovely schatzzzz....:hug:
>>>> http://xemboionline.com/pages/horoscope.htm

:tam: Thank you so muchhh for sharing with amiable Deinschatz and me...
Dzọt luiiii lấy đà dzọt tớiiii ôm my shcatzzz cái rầmmmm...:blush::eeek::heart:

Apr 16, 2008, 08:32 AM
"Someone around you is going to find you attractive! " ... làm thinh.... thở dài.... đi ra.... hahahaha

Apr 22, 2008, 06:40 PM
nhao toi HUG thim7 hihihihi ..... and wink wink
thanks for your sharing.... thich coi boi hihihi