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Jul 6, 2007, 08:56 AM
A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

I am from Arroz e Feijao, a small town in the northeast of Brazil. Building a factory in there will bring a lot of advantages and disadvantages, but I believe that Arroz e Feijao will mostly benefit from the building of a new factory because it is largely populated by poor people and the factory would bring many benefits to this small town. However, of course, a factory has disadvantages as well.

As you know, factories usually bring pollution. If this factory is not managed very effectively and efficiently according to specific rules, it's prone to polluting the local air and water. What's more, factories usually make noise. Beside clean drinkable water and fresh air, an ideal community should be quiet. If the factory cannot maintain this situation to the community, it will not last long. A factory that is too noisy or pollutes too much will eventually be relocated to a new area.

On the other hand, a factory could bring a lot of benefits to the community. So I would support the plan to build a factory to my community for all the reasons I will describe below.

First of all, the factory's construction will surely improve the local infrastructure. To run smoothly, the factory will have to have a steady, reliable supply of water and electricity. Some old pipes will be changed, and some facilities will be renovated. The residents' living standard get improved as a result of these widespread changes, an important benefit in Arroz e Feijao, where many people do not have access to clean water.

Secondly, to make the employee commute more convenient, the local roads will have to be rebuilt and broadened, resulting in improved public transportation. The town's residents can take a public bus to go shopping or go to work. As a result, air pollution and fuel consumption might be reduced.

Most important, a factory's establishment will bring up a lot of employment opportunities for the community. A factory needs experts from various fields. The residents can take just a few minutes to go to the factory to work. So, the local residents can get great benefits from this factory.

Generally speaking, I agree with the plan to build a factory near my community. If the factory can be managed successfully, the factory and local residents can have mutual benefit.

Jul 7, 2007, 03:21 AM
A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near our community, during the community meeting. After a week of consideration its proposal, the people have found the disadvantages significantly overcome the advantages. The following are the people's findings.

In a generally accepted view, to have a large factory near our community may help with the economic growth, such as jobs availability. It will generate new jobs and lower percentage of unemployment. It will help to raise standard of living and make layoffs less frequently. It also helps with labor productivity due to new and advance technology. Business will improve and expand. However to claim that, building factories will contribute to improve the quality of the people life is wrongly proven. Factories have been known as the primary source to cause air and water pollution that greatly effect on human health and wildlife. Smokestacks rising from factories, ocean surface fill with oil, air pollution spewing from power plant, leaking sewage water into ocean and river are the few signs of the problems. People living in these areas, have no choice but to breathe the air and drink the water around them regardless of its quality. Short-term exposure is known to cause irritation of one’s eyes, throat, lung, and headache. Long-term exposure is a major concern that may lead to lifelong illness such as cancer, or even dead. Children and elderly are more vulnerable to air pollution than any other group. Studies have found that children and elderly living in the air polluted zone are front to cardiovascular and pulmonary illness. Beside dirty air and smoke, factories also create huge overcrowding human warehouse, low wages, bad housing, women and child labor, infant mortality, frequent hospitalization, accidents, high rents, and poor sanitation.

The findings have shown overwhelming disadvantage to the people in this community. The people have decided to decline this company proposal.

Jul 8, 2007, 01:46 PM
Mình vừa viết xong. Mong mọi người xem và góp ý giúp mình.

When building a factory near our area comes into view. There are different opinions. Some people say that its advantages are greater than its disadvantages. Others argue this statement.

We will discuss both sides of this issue.

There are some advantages when building a factory near community,

Firstly, factory will bring in billions dollar benefit annually, the government will invest enormous money to improve the infrastructure and culture.

With building manufactory, many jobs will be created. people have another income so their life are more convenient and comfortable.

Factory may play an important role in the acceleration of the improvement of service, such as transportation, accommodation and other marginal business.

However, There are some disadvantages when building a factory near residential area. In order to make more profit, Factory only keen on pursuit of economic profit, pay a little attention about environment protection.There are enormous evidence about that it will pollute the local water, air, land and forest with chemical. This may occur either directly , through such as insecticides, or indirectly.In the long term, our environment will be hurt and people’s health will be affected because Pollution is know to be the probable cause of some different diseases, such as cancer and pneumonia. If the local politicians can ensure that the factory will not damage to environment? Besides this, operating the factory will make noise, hence, the peaceful environment will be broken, many people are unable to concentrate doing something, too.

Moreover, the population will be grow by entering employees, as the increased criminality may be recorded.

In conclusion, building manufactory will have both advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, its disadvantages far outweigh its advantages. These reasons why I oppose to build factory near our community. I personally think that the government and people should ensure and join hands in making a long term-plan to local economic development instead of the pursuit of a short-term profit.