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z bebamboo z
Jun 21, 2007, 07:46 AM
In life there are always conversations, discussions, or debates. It can be between parents and children, brothers and sisters, acquaintances or groups. Everybody has an opinion, whether it is spoken out or not. These conversations, discussions or debates can be about everything, from how to squeeze the toothpaste tube, to how to levy taxes. In the a scenario where the wife and husband disagree with each other on how to squeeze the tube, they each have thoughts about what is the right way on how to squeeze the tube. In the perception of each person, they are right and the other is wrong. This can evolve into a debate with each one defending their way how squeeze the tube. The same goes on when there is a debate on how to levy the taxes. What is fair, what is not fair, what is right, and what is wrong. Is it fair to let everyone pay an equal tax, should the rich pay more in comparison? The opinion of each person in this world about what is right or what is wrong, also called their perception of ethics, differs from each other or can be the same as others. The same goes on with religion or belief. Each person has a belief, whether it is Christianity, Islam, or Buddhism, to name a few. Or they don't have a belief in higher beings at all. And that would still be a belief. This is their perception of reality. Religious wars have been fought, with each side claiming their reality. Each person's perception of ethics and reality certainly intertwines with each other in life. But what is ethical and what is reality? In the scenario on how to squeeze the tube, the wife and husband's perception of ethics has an equal value. Not until there is a third person joining the side of the wife, her opinion has a higher value. That means that the majority not only gives value to opinions, but also to ethics and reality. And because each person on this world is unique, with their opinions and views about what is ethical and what is reality, one group of people cannot represent all the people's perceptions about what is ethical and what is reality. So in politics, you need many parties. A single party system is inadequate to give the laws they create ethical value. And after all, the definition of politics is the way groups make decisions. In my opinion I disagree with the way Vietnam is governed by a one party administration. Could you please teach me Vietnamese? I have lost my roots.

Thanking you in advance,