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z bebamboo z
Jun 19, 2007, 01:15 AM
Writers follow a plan when they write. They take certain steps, which make up the writing process. Following these five steps leads to better writing.

Step 1: Prewrite

This could also be called the "thinking and discovering" stage. Writers might choose a topic, or they might list everything they know about a topic already chosen. They might write down what they need to learn about a topic. Some also organize their ideas by making a chart or diagram.

Step 2: Draft

Writers put their ideas on paper. This first draft should contain sentences and paragraphs. Godd writers follow their prewriting ideas while writing the draft. There might be spelling and grammar mistakes in this draft. There might even be mistakes in facts or ideas and how they are organized. That's okay; there are three more steps.

Step 3: Revise

Writers change or fix their first draft. They move ideas around, put them in a different order, or add new ones. They make sure they used clear words and the sentences flow smoothly together. This is also the time to take out ideas that are not on topic.

Step 4: Proofread

Writes usually write a neat, new copy. Then, they look again to make sure everything is correct. They look especially for capital letters, end marks, punctuation, and misspelled words.

Step 5: Publish

Finally, writers make a final copy that has no mistakes. They are now ready to share their writing. That might mean mailing a letter, turning in a report, or posting a story on a bulletin board.