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Jun 9, 2007, 07:23 AM
Read each paragraph. Pick out the topic sentence. List the details that the writer used to appeal to each sense. Write none if there are none.

Paragraph 1

Each summer Ron and Diane go to their favorite vacation spot--their great-aunt's beach house. The three-bedroom house has a view of the ocean in the front and a mountain range in the back.

As soon as they arrived this year, everyone headed out for a walk on the beach. The cuckoo clock sounded just before they left. They had two hours to explore before dinner. Piles of slippery seaweed had washed up on the sand. Ron noticed a jelly fish on one of the piles. Unfortunately, it smelled liked dead fish. They heard the bark of a sea lion in the distance. Looking out across the blue-green water, Diane spotted the sea lion on a distant rock.

As the shadows of the palm trees lengthened, the beachfront grew quiet. Soon, their walk would draw to a close. Diane picked up a large, smooth shell. They turned toward the house singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" even though it was July.

Paragraph 2

After swimming for about a hundred yards, Marlene stopped and looked back at the island. From the top of the volcano, lush green vegetation grew down to meet the soft white sands of the beach. The white sands disappeared into the shimmering blue of the ocean.

Marlene rested for a moment. She enjoyed the contrast of the cool water on her body and the hot sun on her face. It was quiet except for the sound of the surf thundering on the shore.

Marlene tasted the salty water on her lips and thought about the luau that would begin very soon. The smoky smell of the roasting pig drifted out and mixed with the salty smells of the ocean. Marlene heard her stomach growl and began to swim to shore.

Paragraph 3

The room had clearly been ransacked. The drawers of the dresser next to the window were open and empty. A trail of assorted clothing led to the closet. The closet stood empty, its contents strewn across the bed and the floor. Glass from a broken perfume bottle crunced loudly underfoot, the fragrance of its contents mixing with the smell of garlic. The only item left undisturbed was a portrait on the wall over the bed. Its subject, a solemn woman, stared thoughtfully into the room, like a silent witness to the recent crime.

SIGHT: _______________ _______________ _______________

HEARING: _____________ _______________ _______________

SMELL: _______________ _______________ _______________

TASTE: _______________ _______________ _______________

TOUCH: ______________ _______________ ________________