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Oct 22, 2011, 08:38 PM
Pls help me correct my essay with many thanks..

The issue of whether of today’s advertisement has been debated widely. Some people think that it has negative impact on our life because it cheats somebody to buy something, while others believe that it has been playing as positive effect in the world because it opens new version for people to choose the right product with the acceptable price. From my point of view, I strongly support advertising has much benefits for the modern life with many reason mentioned below.

First of all, advertisement is a channel that provides us much helpful information. Thanks to it, can we may know when the new product are going to be launched to market. For example, entering supermarket, a lot of brand new products we actually don’t know unless watching some piece of advertisement sometimes. Based on some ads, we also know a lot of function of products.

Second of all, advertisement helps people entertain and enjoy with funs. After hard-working day, we go home and turn the TV on, actually a lot of advertisement appears during time-watching, and however, we can laugh because of very creative message from ads. For example, Coca-cola ads that is much inventive and brings us lots of moment of relaxation. We even smile when seeing a funny picture that advertised on newspaper, magazines, and so on. In other words, advertisement is very beneficial because of entertainment.

Last of all, a lot of manufacturer can survive based on advertisement. They can attract customers and easily sell their products. Many customers they do not realize their need and want, the ads help them notice that. For example, Hazeline whitening cream helps women’s skin smoother and more beautiful, while watching that ads, he or she realizes that they need to care more about their skin, and they want to try that product.

In conclusion, we may say that advertisement has a lot of benefit and far outweigh negative. It provides us more information about product as well as helping people entertain and also make the business easily.